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Old and new architecture in the city centre

Heerlen is a city in Limburg in the south east of the Netherlands. The old name of the city in ancient times was Coriovallum. From ancient times it was a Roman hub. This expanded into the city it is presently. Currently Heerlen has become a part of a new larger project city called Parkstad Limburg. Working together with cities: Brunssum, Kerkrade, Landgraaf, Onderbanken, Nuth, Simpelveld en Voerendaal on operational level.



Roman era

Eventhough there have been traces of earlier civilazation the real history of this town starts in the roman era. These erected 2000 years ago a military settlement who they gave the name Coriovallum. This settlement came because of the crossroads from Boulonge-Köln and Xanten-Aachen-Trier.


Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) 5 6 10 13 18 20 23 23 19 14 9 6
Nightly lows (°C) 0 0 2 4 8 11 13 13 10 7 3 1
Precipitation (mm) 60 51 60 46 64 74 67 58 60 63 66 70

Climate in Heerlen

Get in

By train

The main train station is situated in the center of the city. Three other trainstations in Heerlen are Heerlen de Kissel, Heerlen Woonboulevard (Opening 2010) and Hoensbroek. There is a train from Aachen Hbf to Heerlen called the euregio-line which travels twice per hour. The trainstation in Heerlen is going to get a renovated starting in 2010 adding more travel options when completed (second part of the Maankwartier build). Also this will be a shoppingmall when ariving in this new station when completed with eating and drinking possibilities.

By bus

The bus terminal is close to the back exit of the trainstation. The bus operator in Heerlen and surrounding cities is Veolia. There is one international busline from Aachen to Heerlen.

By car

Heerlen is situated along the A76 highway but get on the N281 if traveling south or north because there is no exit to Heerlen on the A76. You can find taxies waiting on the upper level when exiting at front of the trainstation. From Aachen by car you will have to take the N281. From Maastricht take the A79 to Heerlen. At the end of the A79 is Heerlen. You can also use the inner ring of parkstad to get to Heerlen.

By plane

Maastricht-Aachen airport is 10 miles away from the city center of Heerlen. Albeit it is more convenient to fly to Eindhoven airport and take a bus and train to Heerlen, because of the low number or flights arriving and departing from Maastricht-Aachen airport. For international flights it is better to arrive and depart from Brussels(BE), Amsterdam(Schiphol, NL) or Dusseldorf(DE). Each of these airports are about 2-3 hours away from Heerlen by car.

Get around

If you are in Heerlen center, everything could be done on foot. A car is convenient to explore the outskirts of town and attractions in the broader area, but take into account that the city center is car-free and parking there is expensive. Another possibility is to discover Heerlen by bike. There are some interesting parks and locations to reach by bike. Using the extensive bus routes can take you to everything in the city that is bit further away from the center.


  • Dutch Mine Museum, Mijnmuseumpad 2, 6412 EX Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 571 37 07, [1]. 11.00-16.00. 4 Euro.
  • Parkstad Theater (Theater Heerlen), Burgemeester van Grunsvenplein 145, 6411 AS Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 576 85 76, [2].
  • Glaspaleis (Schunck building), Bongerd 18, 6411 JM Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 577 22 00, [3].
  • Thermenmuseum, Coriovallumstraat 9, 6411 CA Heerlen, +31 (0) 45 560 5100, [4]. Tuesday - Friday open from 10.00 till 17.00 uur Saturday and Sunday and holidays open from 12.00 till 17.00 uur. A famous museum of a Roman bathhouse. € 6,50.
  • Kinderstad Heerlen, Parallelweg 4, Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 571 72 52, [5]. 10:00-18:00. 9 Euro.
  • Castle Hoensbroek, Klinkertstraat 118, 6433 PB Hoensbroek, +31 (0)45 - 522 72 72, [6]. € 8,-.


  • Booch Festival, Bongerd, [7]. Attend the Boochfestival held on 15 and 16 August 2009. (Dates change yearly). Held in the center of the city limits. There is no admission fee. For more information visit their website No admission.
  • Terworm. Take a walk between Heerlen en Voerendaal and see some of the great nature in Heerlen. In this park there are also some architectural buildings situated at the egde. On the northside of the park you can find a lot of school and sportfields. In the center of this lush area you can see the water purifying station.
  • Beautiful Benzerade. See a source of a stream in Heerlen and also seeing some of the farms in this old village. And also see some splendid black horses for which this village is famous for. You can also sit and enjoy the scenery acompanied by a drink and something to eat from "het koffiehuisje" in benzerade.
  • Neoliet, Stadionbaan 52, 6416 CS Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 542 43 58, [8]. The indoor climbing wall is a great expierence to have. Climbing up indoor to the top of the building and continue climbing on the roof.
  • Bowling & Partyhoeve De Aar, Welterlaan 45, 6419 CN Heerlen, +31 (0) 45 571 44 32, [9]. Play a game of bowling in hoeve de aar.
  • Snowworld, Witte Wereld 1, 6372 VG Landgraaf, +31 (0) 45 54 70 700, [10]. Biggest indoor ski and snowboard centre in the world.
  • Kinderstad, Parallelweg 4, 6411 ND Heerlen, +31 (0) 45 57 17 252, [11]. An indoor playground for kids, with trampolines, slides, bumper cars, logflume, climbingfort and a rollercoaster.
  • Royal Theater, Stationsplein 3-5, Heerlen, +31 (0) 45 57 14 200, [12]. Cinema


Het Loon - Historically old shoppingmall opened in 1965

There are two known shopping locations in Heerlen. The center of the city and the Woonboulevard. The Woonboulvard is famous for its living and lifestyle shops. It is the biggest Furniture strip of Europe.

  • Woonboulevard, In de cramer. This is the mayor living and lifestyle shopping center. Which is the biggest furniture strip of Europe. You can buy anything from lamps to beds.
  • Heerlen Center. This is the shopping district within the old city center. A lot of small and big retail stores as bars, cafes and restaurants can be found here.
  • Car Boulevard. This is close to the woonboulevard. All mayor car brands are situated here.
  • Hoensbroek Center. This part of Heerlen is to the north of the city and can be reached by bus. There is also a train going to Hoensbroek but this is not recommended if just wanting to go to the shopping center of Hoensbroek. Ask for direction at the Veolia ticket counter in the trainstation.
  • Karnevalswierts, Homerusplein 11, 6411 AW Heerlen (In shoppingmall Het Loon), +31 (0)45 - 564 55 93, [13]. A very large store dedicated to party costumes and carneval costumes aswell as some other festive seasonal occasions.


  • Mr Wok, Bongerd 7, 6411 JM Heerlen, 0031 (0)45 - 571 01 56, [14]. A small restaurant but very good take-away food. Especially the sauces. € 5-20.
  • Rhodos, Dautzenbergstraat 17, 6411 LA Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 571 95 44, [15]. open at 16.30 till 23.00. closed on: tuesdays. Greek Restaurant ± € 20,-.
  • Dafne, Oranje Nassaustraat 2, 6411 LG Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 404 07 40. Another fine Greek Restaurant in the centre of Heerlen. A regular haunt for the devil cleaner!!
  • In de Gekroonde Haan, Stationstraat 19, 6411 NH Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 571 13 73, [16]. Eat a delicious roasted chicken at this restaurant.
  • Auberge de Rousch, Kloosterkensweg 17, 6419 PJ Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 571 58 90, [17]. A very luxious restaurant. Check the website for special events. Making a reservation upfront is highly recommended.
  • El Greco, Pancratiusplein 39, 6411 JZ Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 574 20 96, [18]. Greek food.
  • Misato, Pancratiusplein 37-36, 6411 JZ Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 571 22 28. Sushi
  • Il Castello, Geleenstraat 18, 6411 HS Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 574 27 99, [19]. Italian
  • Brasserie Bracke, Saroleastraat 52, 6411 LV Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 574 36 86, [20]. Nice restaurant with variety of food. Very crowded. Check their site for opening hours
  • de Ontmoeting, Wilhelminaplein 17, 6411 KW Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 574 00 30, [21]. Tapas
  • 5.0, Bongerd 18, 6411 JM Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 577 22 88, [22]. On top of the Schunck-building and a nice view over the city. They serve tapas and their menu changes often.
  • Madame van Dam, Gasthuisstraat 11, 6411 KD Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 750 46 71, [23]. Small, unique restaurant with a nice, small menu, which changes now and then.
  • Wok Bonsai 517, Oude veemarktstraat 1, 6411 JW Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 571 63 00, [24]. Japanese fusion and grill. Buffet.
  • Taverne Samos, Willemstraat 5, 6411 KX Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 571 27 95. Greek food.


On the pancratiusplein people can find the many cafes and terrasses who are usually filled with people troughout the year.


  • Amrâth Grand Hotel Heerlen, Groene Boord 23, 6411 GE Heerlen, +31 45 5 713 846, [25]. A good class hotel for staying in Heerlen.
  • Tulip Inn Heerlen City, Wilhelminaplein 17, 6411 KW Heerlen. Good location right in the center of the city.
  • Bastion Hotel Heerlen, In de Cramer 199, 6412 PM Heerlen, +31 (0)45-5754540, [26]. Close to the Woonboulevard.
  • Van der Valk Hotel Heerlen, Terworm 10, 6411 RV Heerlen, +31 (0)45 571 94 50, [27]. Good hotel but the location is inconvenient without a car .
  • Hotel Kasteel Terworm, Terworm 5, 6411 RV Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 400 11 11, [28]. Very luxurious four stars hotel.
  • Guesthouse No. 16, Coriovallumstraat 16, 6411 CC Heerlen, +31 (0)45 - 571 47 77, [29]. From € 50,-.
  • Stadshotel Paris, Geleenstraat 1, 6411 HP Heerlen, +31 (0)45 400 91 91, [30]. From € 65,-.
  • Hotel Café Amicitia, Markt 9, 6431 LG Hoensbroek, +31 (0)45 - 521 29 99.
  • Huizepassart, Passartweg 56a, 6413 NX Heerlen, +31 (0)45-522 85 24, [31].


VVV Heerlen is where you can get information about the city. For any information go to Oranje Nassaustraat 16, 6411 LH Heerlen. They can assist with:

  • Maps
  • Regionguides
  • Travelinformation
  • Cityguide / Tour
  • Regionproducts
  • Theater & Concert information
  • Walkingroutes

Stay safe

In Heerlen as so many other cities and places in Limburg are targets of drugtraficing. Crime goes hand in hand with these practices. If you just want to smoke a joint go to one of the legalized "coffee shops".

Another problem in Heerlen is the prostitution since the legalization of prostitution in the Netherlands you prostitutes can have sex with some one for a fee. There are some of these brothels in Kerkrade. Getting in bed with a prostitute on the street you have a very high risk of getting an STD. Stay safe and when going to a brothel use a condom the prostitutes in the Netherlands normally do not have sex without a condom a carry one with them.

Another hassle is meeting "junkies" and wanderers you might occasionally meet them at supermarkets and city centers asking for some money which most Dutch people find an anoyance since they allready have an income from the state to survive. Normally the begging is because the lack of drugs and they want to buy drugs with the money you give them. Giving these people money also encourages the crimes involved with the illigal drugs. So do not be temped to give these people money and which might also encourage other beggers to ask money from you. Normally these people do not pickpoket your wallet but as in any city in the world keep an eye on your personal items.

Get out

Connections to Aachen are via train or bus. Other options by train are to Belgium (via Maastricht) and the remainder of the Netherlands.

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