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El Alamein

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Lower Egypt : El Alamein
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El Alamein is a small town on the north coast of Egypt, on the railway line about sixty miles west of Alexandria; it is famous as the site of major battles between British and German forces during the Second World War. Winston Churchill described El Alamein as having the best climate in the world.

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The most comfortable way to El Alamein is by air-conditioned train from Alexandria.

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The Commonwealth War Cemetery at El Alamein is open during daylight hours, and staffed Saturday to Thursday 0730 to 1430. There are also German and Italian cemeteries, and a very substantial war museum.






The entire coast near El Alamein is covered by fancifully-laid-out villa complexes; eleven kilometres of it is the Porto Marina, which is regarded as an elite resort by Egyptian standards but reasonably affordable to Western travellers.

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