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==Phrase list==
==Phrase list==
my name is bob
; Hello. :  ''Kuzu zangpo'' ('' '')
; Hello. :  ''Kuzu zangpo'' ('' '')
; Hello. (''informal'') :  . ('' Kuzu '')
; Hello. (''informal'') :  . ('' Kuzu '')

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Dzongkha is the national language of Bhutan.


Pronunciation guide



Common diphthongs

Phrase list

Kuzu zangpo ( )
Hello. (informal
. ( Kuzu )
How are you? 
 ? ('Choe Ga Dhay Bay yoe?' ?)
Fine, thank you. 
. ('Lek shom Bay yoe' )
What is your name? 
 ? ('Choe Gi Ming Ga Chi Mo?' ?)
My name is ______ . 
______ . (Nge Gi Ming _____ .)
Nice to meet you. 
. (Choe Chegk Dhi Sem Gai )
. (Deh bay zeth ma da );this is wrong!!!
Thank you. 
ka drin che ( )
You're welcome. 
. (de bey ma sung )//only applies when someone says thank actually means"do not mention" or like someone says "no mention, please"
. (In )
. (Men )
Excuse me. (getting attention
. ( gom ma thay)
Excuse me. (begging pardon
. ( gom may thay)
I'm sorry. 
. (gom ma thay )
. (Log Dhi Jay gey )
Goodbye (informal
. (log di jay gey )
I can't speak name of language [well]. 
[Nga ...... lek shim bay mey shey ]. ( [ ])
Do you speak English? 
 ? ('Choe Gi In Ked Shey Ga?' ?)
Is there someone here who speaks English? 
Na Lu In Ked Shey mi yoe Ya? ( ?)
 ! (Charo Bey nang !)
Look out! 
 ! (wai !)
Good morning. 
. (kuzu zangpo )
Good evening. 
. (kuzu zangpo )
Good night. 
. ( chiru delek)
Good night (to sleep
. (lek shom ay zim )
I don't understand. 
. (may shey )
Where is the toilet? 
 ? ( chabsang ga tey yeth ga)



1 ; chi 2 ; nyi 3 ; sum 4 ; zhi 5 ;nga 6 ;dru 7 ;duen 8 ; gay 9 ; gu 10 ; chu tham 11 ; chu chi 12 ; chu nyi


Clock time

chu tsoed=time o'clock: bazaar 8 o clock: bazaar gyed


duration : dhuetsey


Monday- Migmar Tuesday- Lhagpa Wednesday- Phurbu Thursday-Pasang Friday- Pemba Saturday- Nima Sunday- Dawa


january- indha dangpa feb- indha nyipa mar-indha sumpa, indha zhipa, indha ngapa, indha drukpa, indha duenpa, indha gyepa, indha gupa and indha chunyepa for December

note: for the months of lunar claender the prefix is rangda, indha is used for the months of international calender

Writing time and date


Green- Changkha Red- Marp White- Karp Blue- Hoem Black- Naap Yellow- Serp Orange- Leewang


Bus and train



Identified by the yellow top(hood) and BT registration affixed before the number.

Taxi : la khor Fare : la how much : ga day chi mo



How much is this/it ? Ngultrum ga they chi mo


Meal : Toh /zhay go

eating : shay go za ni

delicious : zhim bay

bitter  ; khag ta

sweet  : ngam

sour  ; chup

Water  ; chu

Tea  : ja

Curry  : tsoem

Soup  :thup

Chilly  : ema

Cheese  :datsi

cook  : toh bey ni

eat  : zhey


Alcoholic Beverage : Changg

Bar  : Changkhang

Tip  : soera

Whats the bill  : Ga de chi mo

I am drunk  : changg dang so ye

Water  : chu

Local Drink  : Ara

It is strong(spirit) : ah ni gag tra du

It is mild  : lha si si du


shop : tsongkhang

how much : ga de chi mo?

discount please : gong phab nang


Car : Numkhor

Drive : Numkhor tang ni

Licence : Lak Kher

Police  : thrim sung

Road  : Lam

High speed : joba joba shuk bay tang

Low speed  : drogay bay tang

please take caution(driving) : reb drim di tang

Lets go  : jogay

stop  ; numkor kag nang

Risky  : ngyen khag


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