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Diving the Cape Peninsula and False Bay/Pie Rock

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Diving the Cape Peninsula and False Bay : Pie Rock
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The dive site Pie Rock is a rocky reef in the Cas;e Rocks area on the Cape peninsula side of False Bay, near Cape Town in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Information is provided which may assist in planning Recreational and Research Scuba diving at this site, and links to photographs of marine organisms that have been found there.

It is a spectacular dive in good visibility, and large numbers of fish may be seen.

Name "(insert site name here)"

The site is called Pie Rock because one of the larger rocks in the area looks a bit like a giant wedge of pie.

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Map of the dive site (Insert site name).


S34°14.385' E018°29.065'

(Description of location)

This site is (NOT) in a Marine Protected Area (2009)


The site is generally considered a boat dive. Launch at Miller’s point. It could be dived from shore entry at Castle Rocks, but would require a 750m swim each way. Use a SMB as boat traffic in the area can be heavy on a good day. Bearing from Castle Rocks north entry approximately 120° magnetic.


The site is exposed to (weather/sea conditions). (conditions which will result in poor diving and/or difficult access). The site is usually at it's best (conditions/season) but there are also occasional opportunities (conditions /season).

This is an area which sometimes has (special circumstances, caused by, resulting in).

Keep a lookout for times when (weather conditions which indicate good diving)

(weather conditions which indicate poor diving conditions)

(weather conditions which may make access difficult, and how to deal with them)


Maximum depth is about 25m. Top of the pinnacle is at 5m. Average depth on a dive is about 15m.


Granite of the Pre-Cambrian Peninsula pluton.


(general site topography)

(sector 1 if applicable)

(sector topography)


(site specific hazard list: Access, sea conditions, weather conditions, other)

Skill level

(any special skills required, suitability for novices. snorkelling)

(fitness level for shore entry)

(suitability for night dives, other special dives)


(photographic equipment suggestions)


(equipment recommendations)

Marine life (and features)

(general indication of biodiversity: Fish, Invertebrates, algae)

Suggested Routes

  1. (most recommended route) (route directions) (expected duration)
  2. (secondary routes) (route directions) (expected duration if applicable)
  3. (special features) (route directions) (expected duration if applicable)


Views of the site from the shore.



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