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This page is for listing articles that have been [[Wikitravel:Status rating | rated]] as a '''Guide''' and need some attention.  See [[Wikitravel:Article status]] for a description of what qualifies an article for this status. 
Please use one of the following to rate a page as Guide, depending on which type of article it is: '''<nowiki>{{Guidecity}} {{Guideregion}} {{Guidecountry}} {{Guidepark}} {{Guideitinerary}} {{Guidetopic}} {{Guidephrasebook}}</nowiki>'''  It will automatically list the page here.
Obviously, if you see an article that needs some work on it, you should [[Wikitravel:plunge forward|plunge forward]] and just [[Wikitravel:how to edit a page|edit the page]]. If it meets the criteria for a [[Wikitravel:Star articles|star]] article, just upgrade the status. We appreciate any help, even if it's just identifying where additional work needs to be done.

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