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==Other destinations==
==Other destinations==
* [[Kaliningrad Oblast|Kaliningrad]] (an exclave of [[Russia]]) is not a Baltic country, but a name of a town.
* [[Kaliningrad]] is not a Baltic state, but a name of a town in a [[Russia|Russian]] enclave between [[Lithuania]] and [[Poland]].

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The Baltic States (not to be confused with Baltic Countries), are three small countries of Eastern Europe, with a long history of difficult relationships with powerful neighbors; including being part of the Soviet Union for most of the 20th century. The Baltics are easy to overlook as a travel destination.

The Baltic States


North to South:

Other destinations


Being newly independent countries, all three suffer unsettled national minorities problems.

Despite their common name, the states have little else in common than similar recent history and the geographical location. Estonia aspires in direction of the Nordic countries while Lithuania focuses on its connection to Poland and Central Europe.

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