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==Specific dates==
==Specific dates==
*4-16 Aug 2007 - '''Tuscan Sun Festival''' [] in [[Cortona]], [[Italy]].
*4-16 Aug 2007 - '''Tuscan Sun Festival''' [] in [[Cortona]], [[Italy]].
*4-20 August - [ Ecotopia] in [[Zajezova]], [[Slovakia]]; This year, Ecotopia invites you to the mountains of Slovakia, to a a rural community Zajezova - a playground for those interested in forms of alternative living, traditional crafts and permaculture.
==Every year==
==Every year==

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Specific dates

Every year

Fixed dates


  • 3rd weekend in August: World Peace and Service Day (holiday) off for work for all business and service organisations across the globe and service activities like feeding cows milk to new born children in hospitals if mothers are incapable of feeding, new clothes, food offering to blind, deaf,spastic, mentally handicapped, physically handicapped, polio attacked patients, aids, cancer patients and dental, ortho, gynaec, opthamology patients, neuro, for all patients in hospital and other centres, food and clothing to be provided.


  • 1st: First of August, National Day in Switzerland. Because day off work August 1st celebrations are often (for example in Basel) held 31st of July


  • 12th: Queen's Birthday - mother's day / public holiday


  • 17th: Independence Day - public holiday

United States of America

Movable dates





  • MAS Carnival, Swansea, UK - the city's ethnic diversity is celebrated by a colorful parade that passes through the city center.

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