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The Maryland Expedition is a Wikitravel Expedition to promote and coordinate collaboration to improve Wikitravel's articles pertaining to the US state of Maryland.


Viewed by itself, improving Wikitravel coverage of an US state is a daunting task. This difficulty is exemplified by the fact that Wikitravel lacks a single region article of guide level status! This Expedition exists to to clarify exactly what needs to be done in pursuit of our goals for Maryland and related articles, identify avenues for potential collaboration, and generate enthusiasm towards achieving our goal.


The main goal of the Maryland Expedition is to achieve Guide status for the Maryland state article. In pursuit of this goal, we must:

  1. Improve the quality of the Maryland article itself, by adding images, graphics, and prose
  2. Improve all linked destinations to at least usable status

Current priorities[Bearbeiten]

Maryland article[Bearbeiten]

  1. Come to consensus on which 9 "other destinations" to include
  2. Add information on which "highlight" cities/towns are especially good to visit for "beverage related tourism" in the "Drink" section
  3. Find/add great iconic images of Maryland (especially needed: Annapolis Rock, Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis buildings)

Linked destinations[Bearbeiten]

Featured collaboration: College Park (Maryland)

College Park is very close to usable status, and should get there with a little push:

  • Needs introductory paragraph for an "understand" section
  • Needs hard buy listings, at least one with contact information
  • Needs very basic orientation information for the "get around" section
  • Needs work on the "See" section, particularly on what to see at the University of Maryland
  • Do section needs information regarding sports events at UMD

Article status chart[Bearbeiten]

The following chart shows the current status of all linked destinations, which must be at least usable status in order for the Maryland article to achieve guide status.

Outline articles



  • None!

Expedition members[Bearbeiten]