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Si creus que algun Wikiviatger -- inclòs tu mateix -- hauria de tenir l'estatus d'administrador, afegeix el seu nom en la secció de Nominacions, juntament amb algun suport quant a la seva experiència i comprensió de Wikitravel. Després de catorze (14) dies de discussió, s'atorgarà el càrrec d'administrador a l'usuari si:

  • La nominació ha rebut el suport de la comunitat, incloent almenys dos administradors.
  • L'usuari ha indicat la seva bona voluntat de prendre possessió del càrrec, i
  • No hi ha objeccions pendents.


  • Carmepla - Even though this wiki has been around for less than two weeks, Carme has been involved since the language expedition and I think she has shown lots of commitment to the project. She has also done an outstanding job at translating policies and guidelines, so I trust she's aware of the most important rules and Wikitravel's functioning. On top of that, she is smart and open to other people's opinions. If she's willing, I'm sure Carme would be an excellent addition to the administrators' row. -- Rmx 08:28, 5 març 2007 (EST)
D'acordo. Texugo 11:09, 5 març 2007 (EST)
I'm very pleased with this nomination and I will accept it provided that the dedication level is not compulsory. I can commit myself with a daily review but I won't be able to devote the same quantity of hours all the time. I'm afraid that during exams or other commitments my contributions will be lower. If this is not a problem, I will be delighted to join the team and do my best to contribute to Wikitravel's growth. I love this project. -- Carmepla 16:44, 5 març 2007 (EST)
My nomination is for Carmepla for your work in the project.(Excuse me my english). --- losimo 17:57, 5 març 2007 (EST)




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