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Yuyao (余姚) is a city in Zhejiang Province, China. Though off the beaten path for most tourists, the city is a prosperous economic center with a history that stretches back thousands of years.

Get in[edit]

By Train[edit]

Yuyao Train Station (余姚火车站) offers regular service to and from Ningbo, Hangzhou, and other Chinese cities via conventional and CRH train. Tickets must be purchased in person from the train station ticket counter.

Get around[edit]

Taxis and pedicabs (rickshaws) are available in the well-trafficked parts of town. Pedicab rates are negotiable whereas taxis typically are metered (though rates may be negotiated upfront in some cases). As a general rule of thumb, always go by the meter in China. Yuyao people are, generally nice and fair to foreigners, but one should always be aware and practice common sense when using any mode of transportation.



Like most Chinese cities, Yuyao has it's own dialect, a language similar to Shanghainese called Yuyaohua. Being able to speak a few words of Yuyao's dialect (something not even expected of Chinese from outside the city) will go a long way towards impressing the locals.

Below are a few useful Yuyaohua terms:

  • nongho - hello
  • zeiwei - goodbye
  • yaya nong - thank you
  • zao zong ho - good morning
  • wo teng vi deng - I don't understand (what was said)


Like much of urban China, beggars are present in Yuyao. Most if not all are professionals who work a particular territory and pay a cut of their earnings to a boss. Some will sit on the sidewalk and beg while others will chase after their targets and attempt to pester them into handing over money. Ignoring the latter type and walking swiftly away is usually the best course of action.

NOTE: While it may be common to give beggars food in America and other places, please DO NOT give beggars food. Most will claim that you poisoned them and demand "shut up" money.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Dragon Spring Hill (龙泉山) - a wooded hill in the center of Yuyao with parks, walking paths, and a view of the city from atop
  • Museum of Yuyao (余姚博物馆) - a museum at the foot of Dragon Spring Hill detailing the history of Yuyao and showcasing cultural relics recovered from the city and surrounding area
  • Hemudu Site Museum [1] - over 6,000 cultural relics from the region's Neolithic Hemudu culture.
  • Siminghu (四明湖). Located at four North Liang Nongzhen mountain in Yuyao City, be apart from the urban district 10kilometers, beautiful scenery, the rippling lake, the lake add radiance and beauty to each other, the lake area of nearly 20square kilometers.  edit
  • Lei Chau Estate (梨洲村). Lizhou village is located in the southern city of Yuyao in the town of 4 bright hill, is a market town is located, the most popular advantage.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

A foreigner can find reprise in and around the Grand Pacific Hotel area. While there are not that many foreigner bars, one can find many other foreigner comforts around this area.

Buy[edit][add listing]

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Nian Gao, a type of cake made from rice flower. It is normally made on, around, or even as far as four months before the Chinese Spring Festival. One can arrange a trip to a traditional house on the outskirts of town to partake in the traditional ways in making it. Inquire with the locals.
  • Yangmei, also known as Chinese bayberries, are the region's signature fruit and are ubiquitous during their growing season of June and July. As the berries spoil quickly once picked, some of the freshest selections can be had in Yuyao. Yangmei picking tours can also be arranged locally.
  • Fuda Dongbei Restaurant (东北菜饭馆), (在圆圆圆的后边). 11:00-1:30 and 5:30-8:00. This is one of the best restaurants in Yuyao. It is not far from the Tongji Bridge area as well. The food here is the best of Dongbei fare and boats a massive menu. While all of the food here is great, try the fried pumpkin, the twice-cooked meat (回锅肉), Sweet and Sour Pork (the real kind(糖醋里脊)), Specialty Ribs (风味排骨), and Sweet-ginger Meat (锅饱肉). If you can't speak Chinese, there are many pictures of the dishes on the wall. Reasonable.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

The Tongji Bridge Area (通济桥区) serves as Yuyao's central bar district. Look for the row of traditional-looking wooden buildings along the south side of the Yaojiang River which contain numerous bars and tea houses.

  • River Bar (音乐码头酒吧), (Just downstream from Tongji Bridge). Till 2am(ish). River Bar is a favorite of some of the local English Teachers and fellow expats. The music is generally a bit too loud and the inside can be a bit chaotic, but the atmosphere is distinctly Chinese. The inside is a crossover between a modern bar and a traditional wooden structure. The best part about the bar is the tables by the river outside. If the weather and temp. are cooperating, sit outside and enjoy a beautiful part of Yuyao. Most nights they will have some sort of special deal. Semi-reasonable.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Yonghegong Hotel Yuyao (余姚雍和宫大酒店), :178 West Shengshan Road (Shengshan Xi Lu),Yuyao,, [2]. The Yuyao Yonghegong Hotel (Yuyao Yonghegong Dajiudian) stands in the vibrant downtown area, and is within easy reach of the Yuyao Railway Station.  edit



  • Grand Pacific Hotel(太平洋大酒店) - a five-star hotel in downtown Yuyao [3]
  • Plaza Hotel Yuyao - another five-star hotel, also located in downtown Yuyao [4]

Stay safe[edit]

Like most Chinese cities, violent crime in Yuyao is almost nonexistent but theft and pickpocketing is fairly prevalent. Staying vigilant in crowded areas and keeping valuables out of exterior pockets will go a long ways towards protecting your belongings.


Gao Feng Zhong Xue (GaoFeng High School) always has at least one foreign teacher from an English speaking country on staff. Generally, the school is very friendly to foreigners and can help you if you ask.

Get out[edit]

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