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Vacation photography

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For more information on photography, see the Travel photography article.

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Vacation photography is sometimes used by marketeers to mean the use of professional photographers to take photographs of people on vacation.

It's a service that can be offered by individual photographers, or a group of professional photographers across a region.

Typically a vacationing individual, couple or group will hire a vacation photographer to follow them as they engage in activities at their holiday destination.

Professional vacation photographs are often natural and make use of available light or weather conditions. Sometimes the session may be more posed, with subjects choosing more artistic shots in front of famous monuments. They are an alternative to "selfies", where individuals photograph themselves using their own equipment, often a mobile phone.

Vacation photography is also called Destination Photography in the wedding industry, and describes the use of a professional photographer at an exotic destination, who may be flown in from the client's own city, or may already be based in the destination.

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