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she is a very smart little girl[edit]

'clock that night,ルイヴィトン, the 14th floor of the inpatient department of Hunan Province, straight Chinese Medicine Hospital intensive care unit (ICU), came a burst of small girl crying sound. This girl is sent to the treatment of Kiki (a pseudonym), 6 years old this year. Before the iron door of the intensive care unit, a more than 30-year-old woman, her face sad. "... Your brave points, do not be afraid, mother, mother ... her daughter's cries let her know what to do, tears, repeating the side of the white woman is trying to comfort her. Qing surname of the emergency department doctors, injured little girl's family sent her to the hospital to the time 20:46 came, her head bleeding, but not much some of her consciousness was clear, a few minutes,air jordan pas cher, will shout Mom. "Soon the doctor do for Kiki brain CT diagnosis results show that the left frontal and parietal bone fracture and epidural hematoma, scalp soft tissue contusion,abercrombie france, subarachnoid hemorrhage,chaussures de foot, "We give her a transfusion, oxygen therapy and to monitor her vital signs." After emergency treatment, Kiki was sent to the ICU in ICU. Night of the incident, the reporter went to the ICU intensive care and Kiki's relatives have been waiting outside,air jordan, her mother sat slumped in a chair, his face sad, white woman has to comfort her, the reporter tried stepped forward to speak and they, in Kiki mother's words, she did not according to optimistic about the daughter,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー, and very self-blame, reporters ask, they never want to say. Care unit came Kiki cries, the mother heard her daughter's cries, at once toward the iron gate,abercrombie, crying and encouraged her daughter. As of press time ago, Kiki is not yet out of danger, "at least a couple of days we can come to conclude it!" Qing surname doctor told reporters. The little girl is very smart to know falls injured Kiki (a pseudonym), Ms. was very surprised, "They are two siblings often come to me to buy things with his father and mother, she is a very smart little girl,jordan, looks very beautiful Ms. Kiki, a 4-year-old brother was also upstairs, her mouth it's sweet of every time I would be very affectionate to shout my grandmother a few days ago,f50 adizero, she passed my shop. smiled and told me, 'Grandma, I dressed up, you feel beautiful not, I would like to participate in the dance of Grading examinations'. "Having said that, ladies can not help a sigh. Ms. said she was in this family of four familiar "They are Inner Mongolia,adidas f50, rent a house here, her mother is near the site of a labor contractor." Understanding Kiki's neighbors said she is a very cute little girl.</p>





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