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User:Evan/Small city article checklist

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  • A name that matches our article naming conventions
  • Headers match the article template
  • One- or two-paragraph introduction
  • One- or two-paragraph description on how to get in
  • One- or two-paragraph description on how to get around
  • Five to ten (total) attraction and activity listings
  • Three to five shopping listings
  • One paragraph description of local food scene, specialties, places to find restaurants, etc.
  • Five to ten restaurant listings
  • One paragraph description of local nightlife
  • Three to ten bar listings
  • Five to ten hotel listings
  • One paragraph on places to move on to in "get out"
  • Spell check
  • Every listing has a name, address, phone number, url, hours, and price
  • Every listing has a 1-3 sentence description
  • Map of main town area
  • One to three photos
  • IsIn
  • Official link for town
  • Wikipedia link
  • Open Directories link
  • Wikevent link
  • Language interwiki links
  • Docent
  • Written language is lively, visual, and energetic
  • No extra sections, paragraphs, or cruft that gets in the way
  • What about significant stuff like practicalities... if it's hard to get communications, food, supplies, get or exchange money ... that doesn't fit in to standard categories?



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