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Celebrating my 21st Birthday, in an Irish Pub in Odense, Denmark..!

All About Me..??[edit]

Heya guys..! I'm Chris & I am from the Republic of Ireland..!! I love travelling & take whatever opportunity to go to new & interesting places..!! This year I'm living in Denmark, studying in a wee town called Odense..!! It's a good life..!!

I can speak a good bit of Danish, Irish, English & French..!! My other big hobbie is photography & to be honest I'm a bit of a 'neat freak' when it comes to Wikitravel articles.. (Messy articles just annoy me..!!)

Stuff I Made..!![edit]

Odense Fredericia Roundwood

Stuff I gotta get to work on[edit]




Places I've been to..!![edit]

  • Denmark..!
  • France
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • NY


10th of June:

No other news really.. I'm going to Hamburg in 2½ hours..! Back to Ireland at the end of July, which means I get to take photos for the Ireland articles..!! That's all folks..!

23rd of June:

Went to Copenhagen yesterday...!

28th of January 2008:

Ah it's been a while..! What have I been up to..?? Well, a lot really, back at home after my year in Odense, since getting home I've been to Aschaffenburg in Germany for a week, then 2 days in Paris + a week in Besancon, which sadly has no page yet..! Next stop: Switzerland..!

3rd of December 2008...

What a year =x Didn't make it to Switzerland as planned! But didn't manage to cover...

Denmark- Odense & Copenhagen (Again..!) France- Besancon, Lyon, Paris. Italy-Rome (First time!) London- (Visited in April & stayed in the Autumn to work.) New York- (First Time!) Germany- (Aschaffenberg)

... Was a good year! Broke now though, and planning my big move to Japan in 2010..! Can't wait ^.^




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