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Wikitravel:The traveller comes first

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"The traveller comes first" is an underlying principle that Wikitravellers use when making decisions about Wikitravel. The idea is that all our work should be guided towards serving the travellers who are our readers.

Some things that evolve out of the idea of the traveller coming first:

  • When we review hotels, restaurants, sights, etc., we try to be honest and fair, and not let personal issues or promotional interests color our reviews
  • We make our navigation as "intuitive" as possible, to help readers find what they're looking for
  • We try not to bore or alienate readers with our personal opinions, beliefs, etc.; instead, we try to help the reader form and explore their own beliefs and ideas about travel
  • We share our excitement about the destinations we cover
  • Regions, price classifications etc are based on the convenience and expectations of travellers, not bureaucratic fiat (administrative districts, formal star ratings and so on)

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