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Internet Lounge[edit]

Intsol, I had a look at your work on the Townsville page and I've made some edits. I’ve reverted the title back to contact as that is the standard heading for internet listings. See the definition in Section Headings.

I've also noted that the write up is a direct copy from this site. This is not in line with our policies, see our community policies. So I've edited the article and placed the image to votes for deletion to clean it up.

I also noted that the new listing was further away from town centre. I thought it would be more helpful if the internet cafe closest to the centre was first and I've added descriptions where each of the businesses are.

I'll go and check out the cafe and see what their rates are in the near future.

It's also better to use the ‘show preview’ button for previewing before saving the page. It stops multiple edits showing up in the history.

Hope this helps Ctbolt 23:52, 1 February 2007 (EST)



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