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Someone did a bit of work on these but the list is completely pointless without descriptions etc. Removed from the article.

  • Buna River.  edit
  • Velipoja Beach.  edit

  • Bashkia/Municipality.  edit
  • Prefektura Prefecture.  edit
  • Gjykata Court.  edit
  • Drejtoria e Policisë Police Department.  edit
  • Spitalet Hospitals, ruzhdi alia kirurgji.  edit
  • Telekomi Telecom.  edit
  • Muzeumi Museum.  edit
  • Teatri Migjeni/Theatre Migjeni.  edit
  • Kinema Milenium Cinema Millennium.  edit
  • Radio Shkodra Radio Shkodra.  edit

  • Stadiumi Loro Boriçi/Stadium Loro Boriçi.  edit
  • Stacioni i Trenit Train Station.  edit
  • Monumenti Isa Boletini The monument Isa Boletini.  edit
  • Monumenti Dëshmorët e 2 Prillit The monument Martyrs of April 2.  edit
  • Monumenti At Gjergj Fishta/The monument Father George Fishta.  edit
  • Monumenti Prek Cali/The monument Prek Cali.  edit
  • Monumenti Nënë Tereza/The monument Mother Teresa.  edit
  • Konsullata Austriake/Austrian Consulate.  edit
  • Konsullata Turke/Turkish Consulate.  edit
  • Konsullata Italiane/Italian Consulate.  edit
  • Rektorati Rectorat.  edit
  • Universiteti Luigj Gurakuqi/University Luigj Gurakuqi.  edit
  • Shkolla Mesme 28 Nëntori Middle School 28 November.  edit
  • Shkolla Mesme Oso Kuka Middle School Oso Kuka.  edit
  • Shkolla Mesme Jordan Misja Middle School Jordan Misja, 0035522272791.  edit
  • Shkolla Mesme Kol Idromeno Middle School Kol Idromeno.  edit
  • Shkolla Artistike Prek Jakova Artistic School Prek Jakova.  edit
  • Medreseja Medreseja.  edit
  • Shkolla Pjetër Mëshkalla School Peter Mëshkalla.  edit
  • Fshati i Paqes Peace Village.  edit
  • Xhamia Fushë-Qelë Field-Qelë Mosque.  edit
  • Xhamia Parrucës Parrucës Mosque.  edit
  • Xhamia Bahçallëkut Bahçallëkut Mosque.  edit
  • Xhamia Plumbit Lead Mosque.  edit
  • Katedralja Cathedral.  edit
  • Kisha Zonja e Shkodrës Church Lady of Shkodra.  edit
  • Kisha Fretënve Church Fretënve.  edit
  • Kisha Ortodokse Orthodox Church.  edit
  • Varrezat e Dëshmorëve Graveyard of the Martyrs.  edit
  • Varrezat e Vjetra Myslimane Old Muslim Cemetery.  edit
  • Varrezat Katolike Catholic Cemetery.  edit


When you say "famous Albanian spirit called raki", is it with anis (in this case it belongs to the family of the Turkish rakı, raki from Crete, lebanese arak...) or none (and in this case, it's related to Serbian Rakija)? In both cases I wouldn't say it's originally Albanian... PierrB (talk) 07:58, 24 July 2013 (EDT)



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