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  • Phuket Town retains some interesting examples of Sino-Portuguese architecture, which reflect the town's past as an important trading post.

Amphoe Thalang (อำเภอถลาง)[edit]

Two Heroines Monument (อนุสาวรีย์วีรสตรี) Phuket’s most famous monument in Amphoe Thalang is the memorial statue of the heroines Thao Thepkasattri (Kunying Jan) and Thao Sisunthon (Mook), who rallied islanders in 1785 to repel Burmese invaders. As the island's governor has just passed away, organizing Phuket's defense against the Brumese invasion of 1785 was conducted by his widow, Thao Thepkasattri. With her sister's help, they assembled what forces they had, then cleverly disguised local women as male soldiers, thus appearing to increase Phuket's military manpower. After a month's siege, the Burmese tired, lost heart and left. King Tama I awarded Kunying Jan with the royal title of Thao Thepkasattri.<ref>Phuket Town Treasure Map</ref>

Thalang National Museum (พิพิธภัณฑสถานแห่งชาติถลาง) This is located near the Two Heroines Monument. In 1985, on the 200th anniversary of the Thalang War, the Thalang National Museum was established. The museum contain permanent exhibition of life in old Phuket, ancient artefacts and remains discovered on the coast and, materials used during war with Burma (Myanmar).<ref>Phuket Town Treasure Map</ref> It is open daily except national holidays from 8.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. Admission is 30 baht. For more information call 0 7631 1426, 0 7631 3397, 0 7631 1206.

Wat Phra Thong (วัดพระทองหรือวัดพระผุด) Situated some 20km from Phuket town past the Thalang district office, this temple enshrines a golden Buddha image that sprang up from beneath the earth long ago. The story tells of a young boy who tied his buffalo to what he thought was a post. After doing so, he fell down in agony and died. The father of the boy dreamed that the reason his son had died was for the sin of tying a filthy buffalo to a sacred object, that what the boy thought was a post was in reality the golden peak of the Buddha's conical cap. He told his neighbors the dream and they all went out to dig up the statue but had no success.

Wat Phranang Sang (วัดพระนางสร้าง) This temple is located 20km from town on the Thepkasattri Road at Thalang district. An old and historical landmark of Phuket, the temple was once a fort resisting Burmese invasion around 1785. Inside the old chapel are enshrined the three oldest and largest Buddha statues made of tin. Called the Three Kings, they are positioned in the midsections of another three large statues.

Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Conservation Development and Extension Centre (สถานีพัฒนาและส่งเสริมการอนุรักษ์สัตว์ป่าเขาพระแทว) Its duty is to promote, distribute and wildlife within Khao Phra Thaeo wildlife park. The park is located near Thalang district, 22 kilometres from Phuket Town. 22.28 square kilometers of virgin forest are coverd by this park, which also actively conserves a number of wild animals; they would otherwise be extinct in fast-growing Phuket. It is a center for study of the environment and the forest vegetation is spectacular. Giant trees supported by huge buttresses are thick with creepers and climbers of every description.

One species of palm, the Governor's Palm or White Back Palm (palm lang khao in Thai) is especially rare. Gibbons, civet, macaques, squirrel, flying squirrel, bat, flying lemur, chameleon, mouse deer, wild boar, and many species of birds inhabit the forest. Khao Phra Thaeo serves also as one of Phuket's most important water sources. Major attractions include:-

Ton Sai Waterfall (น้ำตกโตนไทร) A small falls, over which pours a great volume of water during the rainy season. The trees, watercourses, and pools nearby provide one of Phuket's loveliest scenes. The park headquarters with an excellent view are also at Ton Sai.

Bang Pae Waterfall (น้ำตกบางแป) Another waterfall in the sanctuary which is located at Tambon Pa Khlok past the Two Heroines Monument. There is an arboretum and a nursery to rehabilitate captured gibbons before returning them to the wild.

Animal sanctuary Visit the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project by the beautiful Bang Pae waterfall. They have a visitor centre manned by Western volunteers and English speaking Thai staff who will talk to you about the project. Talks are free, but please support the project by buying a souvenir, sponsoring a gibbon or giving a donation. Don't have your photo taken with a captive gibbon in Phuket or on the beaches.

For nature enthusiasts, the sanctuary has mapped out some walking trails. Further information, please contact the centre, call 0 7631 1998.

The Big Buddha of Phuket Formerly, officially known as “Phra Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri” and now called the Mingmongkol Buddha image, it is still referred to as the Big Buddha by everyone in Phuket. Sitting serenely in the meditating posture and on a dominant hilltop between Karon and Chalong it overlooks Chalong Bay and far beyond. So dominant is the Big Buddha that it can be seen from many of the southern parts of Phuket Island as well as nearby islands. At a height of 45 m and width at the base of nearly 25m it is completely covered in white Burmese marble tiles which signify purity. The base of the Buddha is wrapped in giant white marble covered lotus leaves signifying love and happiness. It is the largest white marble Buddha image anywhere in the world and has already become a very popular attraction for tourists and a place of significance for local Thai people and the many who visit from other regions. A smaller Buddha image made from 22 tons of brass and 12 m high sits along side the Big Buddha and joins the many other statues, images, sculptures and bells of worship. The Big Buddha was constructed in devoted to the King of Thailand, HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 80th birthday and the smaller Buddha in devotion to the Queen, HM Queen Sirikit. Completion is not far away and will eventually include a 7 hectare Buddha-Utthayan” Buddhist garden landscaped with rock features, grassed areas, flowers, shrubs and natural environment. It will be designed for peace, relaxation and meditation. Some say that the early morning is the best time to visit the Big Buddha, with cooling sometimes cold winds you can watch the sun rise across Chalong Bay and the beauty of the suns reflection in the calm waters. Looking from the other side of Chalong Bay it is an awe inspiring sight to watch the sun slowly setting behind the Big Buddha, slowly forming a silhouette of this remarkable image as its features are darkened. The Big Buddha is atop a 400m hill offering spectacular views of Phuket Town, Chalong bay and the islands beyond. It is found by following the signs along Choafa west road on the left side just over 2km north of the Chalong roundabout or if traveling south less than 1km past Wat Chalong on the right side , look for the ample signs. As the crow flies it is 3km to the Big Buddha from Choafa Road, the road is fairly steep in parts but concreted or sealed so perfectly safe. This is a Buddhist temple and the usual rules of modest dressing, strict respect for Buddha images must be observed and please remove your shoes in areas where you see others removing theirs. At the end of the main reception area you can [after removing your shoes] approach the seated monk, try to make yourself at a lower height than him by stooping or shuffling along on your knees. Watch what the Thais do and do the same, you will then receive a special blessing, and a charm to tie on your wrist. Remember that a female can not receive this charm directly from the monk, he will place it in front of you or ask a male to give it to you. And if you got now the blessing from a monk, you should know something about the 2500 year old Buddhism. The Buddhism monks are learning to see the things as they are and not as they should be, to split yourself from illusions and expectations to get a better human. Work on this simple thing and every day will be your day. Only a short information at the end. The total amount of the building was made from donations and if you enjoyed your visit, then show your gratitude, drink two bottles singha less in the evening and give some donation in one of the boxes around, or write your name onto the backside of a marble plate with them the base of the Buddha will be covered soon.

Off-shore islands[edit]

There are 39 islands to the south and east off Phuket, featuring forests and mountains, rocky formations, beaches, coral reefs and fishing. The main ports are Chalong and Rawai. Islands with accommodation are listed above, but some others open to day trips include:

  • Ko Taphao Yai (เกาะตะเภาใหญ่), 10 minutes by ferry from Ao Makham on Phuket’s southeast coast. The island is home to the Bucerotes hornbill.
  • Ko Rang Yai (เกาะรังใหญ่), lying off Phuket’s east coast, has been developed for the soft adventure tourist. Among various activities are snorkelling on the coral reefs, sea kayaking, mountain-biking, playing miniature golf, and visiting the island’s pearl farm. Package tours are provided by tour agencies.

Ko Nakha Noi (เกาะนาคาน้อย), just off Ao Po on the northeastern shore, is popular for its pearl farm. There are fine sandy beaches suitable for swimming and a seafood restaurant. Tourists can charter a boat at Ao Po or contact tour agencies for a tour package (generally including lunch).

Ko Khai Nok (เกาะไข่นอก), a tiny island surrounded by white sandy beach, is suitable for swimming and snorkelling. To get there, one can hire a boat from Si-Re Island’s pier.

Do[edit][add listing]


  • Wahoo Big Game Fishing Charters The Sea Center 48/20, Moo 9, Soi Ao Chalong, Tel: 076 281 510 [1]
  • Bill Fishing Phuket (บิล ฟิชชิ่ง ภูเก็ต) 124/431 Mu 5, Tambon Ratsada Tel: 08 9885 6233 [2]
  • Dorado Tel: 0 7629 3167 [3]
  • G Blank (จี แบลงก์) 47/6 Rat- Uthit 200 Pi Road Tel: 076263642
  • Igo Phuket (ไฮโก ภูเก็ต) 141/2 Mu 2, Tambon Karon Tel: 0 7628 4069 [4]
  • Kingfisher Marine 23/109-110 Moo 2, Thepkasattri Rd., Koh Kaew, Muang, Tel: 076 273467-8 [5]
  • Nikita Fishing (นิกิต้า ฟิชชิ่ง) 180 Rat-Uthit 200 Pi Road Tel: 0 7634 0833
  • Phuket Pro Fishing (ภูเก็ต โปร ฟิชชิ่ง) 45/16 Mu 4, Wiset Road Tambon Rawai Tel: 0 7638 3249 Fax: 0 7628 0266
  • Phuket Sport Fishing Centre (ภูเก็ต สปอร์ต ฟิชชิ่ง เซ็นเตอร์) Hat Patong Tel: 0 7621 4713, 0 1464 1338, Fax: 0 7633 0680
  • Prasert Seri Fishing Tour (ประเสริฐ เสรี ฟิชชิ่ง ทัวร์) 11/4 Mu 5, Wiset Road Tel: 0 7628 0932, 0 7628 8131
  • Suk Chai Fishing (สุขใจ ฟิชชิ่ง) Ao Chalong Tel: 0 7622 2173
  • Surasak Fishing Tour (สุรศักดิ์ ฟิชชิ่ง ทัวร์) 43/50 Mu 7, Tambon Rawai, Amphoe Mueang Tel: 0 7628 0621, 0 7638 4100 Fax: 0 7628 0557
  • World Fishing Tour (เวิลด์ ฟิชชิ่ง ทัวร์) 43/94 Mu 5, Wiset Road Tel: 0 7628 1638


  • Wahoo Cruises The Sea Center 48/20, Moo 9, Soi Ao Chalong, Tel: 076 281 510 [6]
  • Asia Vovages (เอเชียโวยาจเจส) 60/6-7 Paradise Complex Hat Patong Rat-Uthit Road Tel: 0 7634 0912, 0 7634 1987, Fax: 0 7634 1188
  • Cobra Windsurf-Sea Sport (คอบร้า วินเซิร์ฟ-ซีสปอร์ต) 1/11-12 Wiset Road Ao Chalong Tel: 0 7638 1065
  • June Bahtra (จูนบาซทรา) 128/3 Chalermprakiat ro 9 Road , Tel: 0 7637 6192,0 7637 6196
  • Nara Yacht 86/63 Moo.7 Chalong, Tel: 07621 3700 , 0 7621 3708 [7]
  • Phuket Yacht Service (ภูเก็ตยอร์ช เซอร์วิส) 59/33 Bangkok Road Amphoe Mueang Tel: 0 7622 4999, 0 7621 0789 Fax: 0 7622 0915
  • Southeast Asia Yacht Charter (เซาท์อีส เอ เชีย ยอร์ชชาร์เตอร์) P.O.Box.15 Hat Patong Amphoe Krathu Tel: 0 7634 0406 Fax: 0 7634 0586
  • Yacht Charter Travel Service (ยอร์ช ชาร์เตอร์ ทราเวล เซอร์วิส) 5/3 Chaofa Road Amphoe Mueang Tel: 0 7621 0350-2, 0 7621 6423 Fax: 0 7621 6556
  • Phuket Boat Lagoon Tel: 0 76239768 [8]
  • Ao Chalong Yacht Club (ACYC) 52/25 Soi Phon Chalong Moo 9 Chaofa Road East Phuket 83130 Tel: 0 7638 1844 [9]
  • Phuket Yacht Club (PYC) Ao Yon [10]

Other sports[edit]

Golf - see also: Golf in Thailand - Phuket section and Golf

The golf courses of Phuket are of international standard. Each one has its own particular challenges and scenic splendour that only Phuket can offer. Discount green fee are available by booking through Phuket golf booking agencies. Karon Beach also has a minigolf course.

  • Blue Canyon Country Club [11]
  • Laguna Phuket Golf Club [12]
  • Loch Palm Golf club Phuket [13]
  • Mission Hills Phuket Resort and spa [14]
  • Phuket Country Club [15]
  • Red Mountain Golf Club [16]
  • Thai Muang Beach Golf and Marina [17]

Muay Thai training (Thai kick-boxing):

  • Rawai Thai Boxing & Fitness Training Camp [18]
  • Tiger Muay Thai Training Camp [19]
  • Suwit Muay Thai Boxing Camp [20]
  • Muay Thai Chaiya [21]

MMA training (Mixed Martial Arts):

Mountain Biking - It’s easier than it looks. Most any person can enjoy themselves on a mountain bike, which has gearing sufficient to take the mightiest incline.

Trekking – Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Park offers the best trekking in Phuket with a well preserved natural environment. May through October is the best time for jungle trekking, when the forest is full of blossoms. The park has a marked hiking route for visitors to follow.

Horse Riding

  • Phuket Laguna Riding Club (ภูเก็ต ลากูน่า ไรดิ้ง คลับ) 394 Mu 1 Hat Bang Thao Tel: 0 7632 4199, 0 7632 4099

Other sports

Other sports and games such as go-karting, bungy jump and paintball are available at Patong.

  • CS Bowl Center Entertainment 2nd Floor Big C Super Centre 72 Moo 5
  • Chalermprakiat Ror 9 Rd. 2nd Floor Big C Super Centre Tel : 076 249 260
  • Pearl Bowling Lanes Montri Rd, Muang, Tel : 07 621 1418
  • Ocean Plaza Bowling 31 Bangla Rd., Patong, Tel: 0 7634 1163
  • Go Karts (โกคาร์ต) 118/5 Vichitsongkram Rd, Amphoe Krathu, Tel: 0 7632 1949 [22]
  • Kinnaree House (Shooting Range & ATVs, Paintball Asia) 82/9 Patak Rd., Tambon Rawai,Tel: 076 28 1050-2
  • Muay Thai Gym (Suwit Boxing Camp) 15 Moo 1 , Choa Fa Rd. Chalong, 076 381 167 [23]
  • Phuket Muay Thai Gym And Camp 82/5 Moo 4 Patak Rd. Kata, 076 284 090 [24]
  • Rawai Muay Thai 43/42 Moo 7 Soi Sai Yuan 1 Rawai, 072 838 633, 072 761 797 [25]
  • Tarzan Jungle Bungy Jump (ทาร์ซาน จังเกิ้ล บันจี้ จั๊มพ์) 61/3 Moo 6 Vichitsongkram Rd. Kathu, Tel: 0 7632 1351 [26]
  • Top Gun Paintball (ท็อปกัน เพนท์บอล) Tel: 0 7638 1667
  • Phuket ATV Park 102/21-22 Moo 5 Rassada, Muang, Tel: 0 7626 1513-4 [27]

Surfing You can go surfing in Phuket on most of the Western facing beaches from April to September.


Phuket has evolved into a major center for spas and wellness in recent years. Several world-class facilities have been built around the island, and all of the island’s top resorts are scurrying to either expand or develop their own in-house spa services. Many offer a blend of Eastern and Western, classy to modern techniques in a tranquil environment, often at lower prices than spas with similar standards of service and luxury in the West.

You can receive a Thai traditional massage costing as little as 250-300 baht, or indulge in a pampering spa treatment program for 7,000 baht or more. There is something here to suite all tastes and budgets. The more basic facilities may be little more than a shop house with a row of chairs or daybeds for giving massages and facial treatments, and there are numerous other places all the way up to a full-service spa such as spas in 5-star hotels/resorts, where a sensational range of treatments are provided in an elegant setting. Some major spa centers outside hotels include:

  • Streamer Spa at Pacific Club Resort, offers most services and reasonable prices +66-(0)76-398-350, [28]
  • Cannaceae Spa 51/17 Moo 2, Soi Thep-Anusorn, Chaofa-Nok Road, Tambol Vichit, Amphur Muang, Phuket 83000 Thailand, Tel: 0 7626 4429, 0 7635 5134
  • Panwa Garden and Spa 39/3 Mu 6, Soi Bowrea-Khaokhad, Sakdidej Road, Tambon Wichit, Amphoe Muang, Phuket, Tel: 0 7723 0414-5, 0 7742 2327, Website : [29]
  • Cheraim Spa Village 16 Wichitsongkram Rd, Tel: 0 76249 0070 to 5 Fax: 0 7624 9676 [30]
  • Hideaway Day Spas 157 Soi Nanai, Patong Beach, Tel : (66 76) 340591, 342475
  • Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness 5/10 Mu 3, Chaofa Rd, Tambon Vichit, Amphoe Muang, Phuket, Tel: 0 7626 3222 Fax: 0 7626 4533, Email:, [31]
  • Tarntara Spa and Health Cuisine 58/11 Mu 6 Chaofa Rd, Closely Chalong Temple,Muang Phuket Tel: 0 7652 1746,0 7621 1747 Fax: 0 7636 7317, [32]
  • Thai Privilege Spa 3rd Floor, Central Festival Phuket, 74-75 Mu 5, Vichit, Muang Phuket, Phuket, Tel: 0 7620 9009-12 Fax: 0 7620 9012, [33]
  • The Royal Spa & Health Club 367/63-64 Yaowarat Rd, Muang Phuket Tel: 0 7623 6663

Cultural Shows and Entertainment[edit]

Phuket Fantasea The very biggest of all Phuket's extravaganzas, Fantasea brings Hollywood-sized, Las Vegas-style entertainment to the island. Remarkable acrobatics, dazzling light work, stunning set design and a host of animal action combine in a song and dance spectacular that brings to life tales of history and mythology that will leave visitors in no doubt that Phuket was at least as, if not more, exciting way back when.

Set upon 140 acres in Kamala Bay, this unique cultural theme park houses an immense theatre, a festival village offering carnivals, games and handicrafts, and reportedly the world's largest buffet of Thai and international cuisine. For information, Tel: 0 7638 5111 Fax: 0 7638 5222 or visit [34]

Palace of the Elephants: Palace of the Elephants is a modern theater with traditional acoustics. The theater has seating for 3,000 persons. It is a reconstruction of a Sukhothai-era stone palace, with interesting elephant statues. Visitors can admire a fascinations show which mixes both culture and illusion fronted by a glorious reconstruction of a Sukhothai-era stone palace, with intriguing elephant statues.

“Fantasy of a Kingdom” Culture – Illusion Show: Created by international experts and local professionals, the ultimate in Las Vegas-style theatrical productions, this theater puts on a fascinating show combining culture and illusion. The nine themes are: Thai culture, magical illusions, 4-dimensional effects, aerial performance, acrobatics, indoor pyrotechnics, special effects, elephant circus and stunts. The show is from 9PM til 10:15 and reservation is recommended.

Festival Village: Home to the Kamala people, this village is a haven for shoppers. Things on sale includes the likes of: silk, leather, handicrafts, ceramics, jewelry, souvenirs, unusual items about elephants and Siamese twins etc.. Shoppers can also admire a demonstration of traditional and crafts and enjoy cultural parades, pageants, street shows and elephant rides. Park Operating Hours: 17:30 p.m. – 23:30 p.m.

Simon Cabaret: There's not a diva in the West who can compare, and many a catwalk model has turned green with envy at the sight of the lady-boy performers of Simon Cabaret. This hugely popular tourist attraction, on the hill just outside Patong, has been wowing audiences for years with its exotic, hilarious and transvestite cabaret. With sets and choreography that would do Broadway justice, and gowns dripping with diamante, the boys who are girls stiletto-strut their stuff to full houses each night at 7.30 p.m. and 9.30 p.m. Tel. 0 7634 2011-5, 0 7634 2114-6 Fax. 0 7634 0437. Admission is 500-600 baht. [35]

Festivals and Events[edit]

  • Phuket Vegetarian Festival [36] - an annual event held during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar. It is believed that the vegetarian festival and its accompanying sacred rituals bestow good fortune upon those who religiously observe this rite. During this time, local residents of Chinese ancestry strictly observe a 10-day vegetarian or vegan diet for the purposes of spiritual cleansing and merit-making. Sacred rituals are performed at various Chinese shrines and temples and ascetic displays such as walking barefooted over hot coals and ascending ladders with bladed rungs are performed by entranced devotees known as "Ma Song".
  • Thao Thepkrasattri and Thao Sisunthon Fair (งานท้าวเทพกระษัตรี - ท้าวศรีสุนทร) is held on March 13 every year to commemorate the two great heroines who rallied the Thalang people to repel Burmese invaders. Many activities and celebrations are organised.
  • Seafood Festival (เทศกาลอาหารทะเล), held around May yearly, is designed to publicise the delicious seafood of Phuket and attract visitors during the rainy season. Activities include a Marine Tourism Resources Parade, seafood stalls, demonstrations of regional cuisines and cultural shows.
  • Phuket King’s Cup Regatta (งานแข่งเรือใบชิงถ้วยพระราชทาน) is held in December. The Kata Beach Resort hosts international yachtsmen, largely from neighbouring countries who compete in the Kata Beach area for royal trophies.
  • Phuket Raceweek [37](งานแข่งเรือใบ) Four days of professionally-run, international-standard yacht racing, off Phuket's East Coast..
  • Laguna Phuket Triathlon (ลากูน่าภูเก็ตไตรกีฬา) is held in each December. The triathlon (a 1,800 - metre swim, a 5.5 -kilometre bike race and a 12-kilometre run and a 6 –kilometre fun run) attracts world-class athletes from all over the world.
  • Phuket Travel Fair (เทศกาลเปิดฤดูการท่องเที่ยวจังหวัดภูเก็ต), starting from November 1, is usually called the Patong Carnival, from the place where celebrations occur. Colourful parades, sports events, and a beauty competition for foreign tourists are major activities.
  • Chao Le (Sea Gypsy) Boat Floating Festival (งานประเพณีลอยเรือชาวเล), falls during the middle of the sixth and eleventh lunar months yearly. The sea gypsy villages at Rawai and Sapam hold their ceremonies on the 13th; Ko Sire celebrates on the 14th; and Laem La (east of the bridge on Phuket’s northern tip) on the 15th. Ceremonies, which centre on the setting adrift of small boats similar to the Thai festival of Loi Krathong, are held at night and their purpose is to drive away evil and bring good luck.
  • Phuket International Sportfishing Tournamen, [38]. An annual big game fishing tournament around November. This event attracts friend of big game fishing from around the world.


Cooking Classes

  • Pat’s Home 26/4 Kwang Road., Muang, Tel: 076 263 366 [39] [40]
  • Phuket Thai Cookery School 39/4 Thepatan Rd, Rasada, Muang , 076 252 354-5 [41]
  • Kangsadaan Land and House Park 79/201 Mu 7, Chaofa Rd, Muang, Tel: 08 9651 1064 [42]
  • The Hideaway School of Thai Cookery 116/9 Moo 4 Patak Rd., Kata Beach, Tel: 0 7633 0914*Mom Tri’s Boathouse The Boathouse Phuket,Kata Beach, Tel: 0 7633 0015-7 [43]

Cultural Activities

  • Sukko Cultural Spa : Thai Cooking Class, Thai Massage Lesson, Muaychaiya, Ashtanga Yoga 5/10 Moo 3, Chaofa Rd. Muang, Phuket Tel: 77 7626 3222 [44]

Meditation & Yoga

  • Karuna Meditation & Yoga Center: between Patong & Kamala at Nakathani Village, offers daily Dharma talks, meditation instruction, yoga classes in both a drop-in and residential setting. [45]


  • Anna's Language School and Translation Services 116 Phisitkaranee Road, Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket Tel: 0 7629 6372, 0 7629 6599, Mobile: 08 9873 7784 Fax: 0 7629 6423, Email:, [] (Thai & English Language Courses with one-year student visas, TEFL Teacher Training)
  • ECC Phuket 73/1-2 Ratsada Road, Amphoe Muang, Phuket Tel: 0 7621 9062, Email:, Website: (Teacher Learning Courses)
  • Patong Language School 5/19-20 Aroonsom Square, Had Patong Road, Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket Tel: 0 7634 0373 Fax: 0 7634 0873, Email:, [46] (Thai Language Courses)
  • Areeya's Language School - 9/1 Moo 6 Wichitsongkram Road, Kathu, Kathu, Phuket 83120 Thailand Phone: (66) 076.203.452, [47], Study Thai Language and culture in a relaxed setting, 10 min. away from the hustle and bustle of Patong. Students qualify for a 1 year Non-Immigrant ED visa. The curriculum is tailored to long-term visitors to Thailand.

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Chalong Bay[edit]

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Ao Chalong Bungalow (บังกะโล อ่าวฉลอง) 9/1 Mu 9, Ao Chalong (Tel: 0 7628 2175, 0 7638 1190), 20 rooms: 250 baht
  • Big A Resort (บิ๊ก เอ รีสอร์ท) 67/18 Mu 4, Soi Suksan, Wiset Road (Tel: 0 7628 0786, 0 7638 3080 E-mail:, 18 rooms: 700-1,000 baht
  • Boomerang Bungalow (บูมเมอแรง บังกะโล) 58/16 Mu 10, Patak Road (Tel: 0 7628 1068-9, 0 7638 1690 Fax: 0 7628 1070), 10 rooms: 600-1,500 baht
  • 1800Phuket 48/12 Soi Sunrise, Chalong. ( tel free call 1800Phuket, 076 383581, email ), roomms from 200 baht/night

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