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This article is just too long. Some one just do the necessary snipping.

  • Devils Point..at Clifton

and not to forget...Zainab Market

First is not Pakistan


Are there street names in this city? Could someone maybe add at least the location of the attractions?

catlady989: Just wanted to xplain a bit abt Devil's Point...its actually a car/bike racing area....u can find some really sleek n sweet rides racing there!! btw i dont really know whether the races are legal or not but who cares!!! I believe its a must watch...n oh! the races mostly take place at night....

Listings, again.[edit]

It's great how many listings there are for restaurants and hotels, but we need more information on the individual listings! Addresses, phone numbers, and a one-sentence description from someone who's been to Karachi or lives there would be really helpful. Please?

Moving Sleep listings with insufficient detail.[edit]

I have moved these here from the main article. Perhaps they can acquire some detail before going back in as they are not much use at the moment. felix 09:23, 4 November 2011 (EDT)


  • Excelsior hotel, Inverarity Rd.
  • Falcon Hotel, Saddar.
  • Family Guest House, Phase vi DHA
  • Gulf Hotel, Saddar.
  • Gillani Hotel, Fatima Jinnah Rd, (near Railway St).
  • Hotel Jabees, Saddar.
  • Hotel Mona lisa, (near Railway St).
  • Paradise Hotel, Saddar.
  • Reliance hotel, Saddar.
  • Royal city, Sarmad Rd.
  • Sarah hotel, Saddar.
  • Hotel Sarawan, Saddar.
  • Hotel Shams, Saddar.



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