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Talas is a 2000 year old city, supposedly the birth place of the famous Hindu God, Talos.


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Marshrutkas from Toktogul might be available.

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To the north-east of the city (about 20 km) there are three ancient encampments: Kulan Sai, Terek Sai and Tash Kurgan. In its vicinity, examples of cave paintings and petroglyphs can be found.


Manas Mausoleum - mausoleum of the legendary hero Manas, located a few kilometers outside Talas. There are two different opinions about the origin of the mausoleum (gumbez). Some people believe, that Semetei, a son of Manas, brought his father's body there (Akhyrtash village, at the mouth of the Kenkol river) and built a mausoleum to his honor. According to the other popular belief, the mausoleum was built by Manas’s wife, Kanykei, and his friend and adviser, Bakai. To prevent the destruction of the mausoleum by Manas enemies, they hung a sign above the door that read that it was a little girl's mausoleum. A museum (no English) dedicated to the Manas epic is nearby.

Manas Mausoleum

Besh-Tash National Park



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Community Based Tourism office - The CBT office can arrange guesthouses for visitors. Closes 5PM. Address: Kaimov St. 76, phone: ++996 3422 52919, ++ 996 772 643466 (mobile) e-mail: cbt_talas@list.ru

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