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The first World Master Rowing competition for Sulkava long boats is being organised for the summer of 2010 in conjunction with the Sulkava Rowing Race. The World Master Rowing competition will consist of two starts: a short race of 2,000 metres and a 60 kilometre race around Partala Island, the largest island in Lake Saimaa.

The World Master Rowing competition is open to national and club teams from countries all around the world. Teams in the open series involve a crew of 15 which may be made up of representatives of both sexes. Teams are not necessarily obliged to have their own cox, as a Finnish cox can be supplied by the competition organisers upon request.

Each year around 8,000 rowers take part in Finland´s greatest rowing event, the Sulkava Rowing Race. The World Master Rowing competition is a unique opportunity to race these special Sulkava long boats against competitors from all over the world. Come and experience the Finnish summer and a unique rowing atmosphere in the midst of beautiful surroundings!”




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