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Sindhi phrasebook

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Sindhi phrasebook

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Sindhi (Sindhi: سنڌي , Urdu: سندھی , Devanagari script: सिन्धी, Sindhī) is the language of the Sindh region. It is spoken by an estimated 24,410,910 people in Pakistan. It is the third most spoken language in all of Pakistan and is the official language of the province of Sindh. It is also spoken in India by some 2,535,485 speakers; particularly in Sindhi enclaves.

It is an Indo-Aryan language of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family.

Basic Phrases[edit]

  • Keeyan aahyo?- "how are you?" (general greeting)
  • Aaon/Maan theek aahiyan - "Very well".
  • Tawhanjo naalo chha aahe - "What is your name?"
  • Munhnjo naalo ______ aahaye. - "My name is _____."
  • Tawhaan ker aahyo - "Who are you?"
  • Mehrbani - "Thank you"
  • Mehrbani karay - "Please"
  • Ha - "Yes"
  • Na - "No"
  • Keeyan aahyo/Kehra haal aahin - "How are you?"
  • Aaon/Maan theek ahyaan - "I'm fine"
  • Allah wahi - "Goodbye" (used to end a conversation by Muslim Sindhis)
  • Theek aahe- "Okay" (used to end a conversation by Sindhis)
  • Hik - "One"
  • Ba - "Two"
  • Tey - "Three"
  • Aaon/Maan Sindh jo aahyan/ Aaon/Maan Sindh maan ahyaan - "I am from Sindh"
  • Aaon/Maan musulman aahyan / hindhu aahyann - "I am Muslim / Hindu"
  • Aaon/Maan Sindhi aahyan / Assin/Assan Sindhi aahyun - "I am Sindhi" / "We are Sindhis"
  • Tokhe chha khape-"what do you want"
  • Chup kare veh-"keep quiet"
  • Jeay______- "Long Live______"
  • Bhali Karay aaya-"well come"
  • "He asan jo idaro sukkur IBA aahai"-"This is our institute SUKKUR IBA"
  • "Maa\Aaon SUKKUR IBA je kutab khanay mai mutaliyo karai rahyo aahyan"-"I am studying in the library of SUKKUR IBA"

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