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Prachuap Khiri Khan

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Prachuap Khiri Khan (ประจวบคีรีขันธ์) is a coastal town in Western Thailand. It possesses various interesting tourism attractions such as beaches, islands, forests, and mountains.


Thailand's royal family and especially former kings were the first to set this location on the map as the original seashore destination in Thailand. The long white sandy beaches themselves are clean, spotless, and pretty, much more so than Pattaya's, and the sea is relatively clean. Besides just sunbathing, snorkelling, and swimming, visitors can also enjoy golf, spas, caves, peaks, waterfalls, shops, seafood, and nearby national parks. The town is warm and laid-back, making it ideal for families and couples.

Prachuap Khiri Khan is in fact more of a holiday destination with the local Thais than foreigners with a horde of Bangkokians purchasing condominiums there. This guarantees a bit of a quiet atmosphere if you are fed up with rowdy noisy foreign tourists at their favourite locations, such as Pattaya or Ko Samui.


Prachuap Khiri Khan Province covers an area of 6,368 square kilometres. It is a long and narrow coast stretching to the south. At the Singkhon Pass in Mueang district there is a border crossing into Burma. Near there, the distance from the Burmese border to the South China Sea is only 11 km. The length of the province from the north to the south is approximately 212 km.


Once known as Muang Bang Nong Rom, Prachuap Khiri Khan was left to decay after the sacking of Ayutthaya at the end of the 18th century. The town was rebuilt at the mouth of the Ron River during the 19th century and renamed Prachuap Khiri Khan.

It was an old seaside resort already during the reign of King Rama V. From historical evidence, Prachuap Khiri Khan was a location of Mueang Na Rang during the Ayutthaya period. In the reign of King Rama II of Rattanakosin, a new city was established at the mouth of the I Rom Canal and was named Mueang Bang Nang Rom. Moreover, during the reign of King Rama IV, Mueang Bang Nang Rom, Mueang Kui, and Mueang Khlong Wan were combined into Mueang Prachuap Khiri Khan which means "city of mountains". The city hall was situated at Mueang Kui until 1898. It was then it was moved to Ao Ko Lak or Ao Prachuap, the location of Mueang Prachuap Khiri Khan today.

Get in[edit]

By car[edit]

From Bangkok, there are 2 routes as follows:

First Route Take the Thon Buri–Pak Tho Rd (Hwy 35), passing Samut Sakhon, Samut Songkhram, and turn left into Phetchakasem Rd (Hwy 4), passing Phetchaburi into Prachuap Khiri Khan. The total distance is approximately 280 km or 3½ hours.

Second Route Take Phetchakasem Rd (Hwy 4), passing Phutthamonthon, Nakhon Pathom, Ratchaburi, Phetchaburi into Prachuap Khiri Khan. The total distance is approximately 320 km or 4 hours.

By bus[edit]

From the Southern Bus Terminal on Borommaratchachonnani Rd, the Transport Company Limited offers various routes of daily bus services. Namely, Bangkok–Prachuap Khiri Khan, Bangkok–Hua Hin, Bangkok –Pran Buri, and Bangkok–Bang Saphan. Companies providing bus services of the Bangkok–Prachuap Khiri Khan route are the Hua Hin–Pran Tour Co., Ltd., Tel. +66 28 846 191-2 (04:00-22:20), the Phuttan Tour Co., Ltd., Tel. +66 24 355 302, or Prachuap Khiri Khan Office, Tel. +66 32 611 411 (06:00 – 01:00), the Bang Saphan Tour Co., Ltd., Tel. +66 24 355 105, or Bang Saphan Office, Tel. +66 32 691 267 or Ban Krut Office, Tel. +66 32 695 074 (Bus leaves at 07:30 and from Ban Krut at 00:30 There is also a 07:30 bus on Saturdays.) For further information, contact the Southern Bus Terminal Tel. +66 24 351 199, or [1].

From Bangkok, there are minibuses from Victory Monument for B240. It takes 4 to 5 hours, with a stop at Hua Hin. It terminates at the minibus stop in Prachuap City. This is about a block from the road into the city (at its northern end). The minibus leaves from pretty well directly under the BTS station, right on the corner where Phaya Thai Road starts(and heads toward Phaya Thai BTS station)).

If you are coming from Hua Hin, take a minibus from the Clocktower in the main street. Will cost B160, and will deliver you to the minibus stop in Prachuap City, where minibuses can be taken to Chumphon and Hua Hin.Toilet facilities are available near the stop.

If coming from Chumphon, take a minibus from the minibus stop in Krumliang Rd(see Chumphon listing) for B180. Takes 2.5 hours.

By train[edit]

From Hua Lamphong Railway Station, there is a daily southern train (number 43) passing Hua Hin, Pran Buri, and Prachuap Khiri Khan departing Bangkok at 08:05, arriving at Hua Hin at 11:26 and Prachuap Khiri Khan 12:28. Coaches are second class and air conditioned - the seats are padded but quite old and rickety. You get food and drink included in the ticket price (455 baht) but it's nothing to write home about and you might prefer to bring your own snacks.

The service can get booked up, especially if you just walk up half an hour before the train leaves. but it's worth checking whether you can get as far as Hua Hin as it's usually possible to get a 3rd class train from there. You could take a 3rd class train all the way from Bangkok's Thonburi but the hard seats can get uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

Moreover, on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, there is the one-day trip touring train to Suan Son Pradiphat; and from the Thon Buri Railway Station, there is the Thon Buri–Lang Suan train, departing at 07:20 and arriving at Hua Hin at 11:52. For further information, contact the State Railway of Thailand at Tel. 1690, +66 22 204 334 or [2].

By plane[edit]

  • Siam General Aviation Co., Ltd., +66 26 646 099 (, fax: +66 21 343 235), [3]. Bangkok-Hua Hin flights 4 times a day at 07:30, 10:45, 14:15, and 17:15, taking approximately 45 minutes. Bookings made at the Nok Air Mini website.  edit

Get around[edit]

The town itself is small enough to get around on foot.

Samlors are no longer available.

Tuk-tuks (three-wheeled motorized rickshaws) are popular for short and quick journeys. Fares must be bargained in advance. If you want to go from the minibus stop in the city to Ao Prachuap (which is Prachuap Bay), it will cost you B80 as at March 2013). To go from Prachuap Bay to the "Bus Station" , which is actually a stop on the highway bypassing the City, it will cost you B200, as it is a decent distance.

Songthaews (public passenger pick-up vehicles) pick up as many passengers as they can and drop them off as the drivers reach their destinations. They are a very reasonable way of getting around.

Motorbikes can be hired but it is advised to be extremely careful when hiring a motorbike. Use a reputable agency.

Cars can be rented from trustworthy companies such as Avis, Budget, and Hertz.

Bicycles can be rented all over town, as cheaply as 50 baht per day.

Motorbike taxis are the most popular form of public transportation in town and the prices are low (bargaining is advised before getting on). Trips cost about 10-40 baht depending on the distance. Due to safety however, make sure the driver has a spare helmet of decent quality.

Boats can be hired at the pier for travel to nearby islands.

To orient yourself within the city: - As you come into town from Bangkok/Hua Hin,you will turn left from the main highway. You will then travel roughly one Km, crossing the railway line via a bridge. The main road is to the right,and if coming by minibus you will turn into this,then go a couple of blocks (past the Roman Catholic Church on your right), to where the minibuses stop.

Another street south from the minibus stop is Kongkiat Rd (Pronounced Gawnggiat!)- ถนน้กองเกียรติ. To the right is the railway station, a block along, with the Yuttachai Hotel on the left a short distance along as you walk towards the station. Looks like a cheap tourist hotel.

There are three main roads parallel with the beach, and one along the beach. The first one is where the minibuses stop. Towards the southern end of the road a little, is also a bus stop for buses to BKK. On the next parallel road are more shops and the same on the next one. Then there is the beach road.

As you look at the beach road, it is bisected by a pier-each section about a kilometre in length. (As you walk from the minibus stop to your left, if looking south, you will come to this point) The northern end has no hotels - these are at the southern end. As you walk from the pier, you will see the Suksant Hotel, which appears to be about a B800-B1000 hotel,followed by the Hadthong Hotel, of 8 storeys and looking to be about a B1000 to B1200 hotel. Next to it is Nings Guest House, with advertised prices outside at B450 aircon and B300 fan. It also does American breakfast at the restaurant. There are a couple of other rooming houses. And about another 300 metres along is the Prachuap Beach Hotel, which looks like a B800 to B1000 hotel. Along this strip also are several decent restaurants, and seafood is a speciality.

From all of the above, there is an uninterrupted view of the beach.

See[edit][add listing]

Prachuap Khiri Khan City Gate
  • Ao Manao Beach - a couple of miles south of the town centre so tuk-tuk or bicycles recommended. It's on the Wing 5 Air Force base - you will be asked to sign in with your passport number, but this is just a formality. The air force keeps the beach lovely and clean. Sit on the provided deck chairs under umbrellas (10 baht per person) at the south end of the bay, near the food courts, or walk along the beautiful empty northern stretch, see tiny pink seashells and watch crabs digging holes in the sand. You can also see spectacled langur monkeys at the northern end (there are usually plenty near the Khao Lommuak mountain). These are less aggressive than most monkeys and will politely take food from you when offered - but beware, they can still get over-excited and bite, especially if they notice you have a whole bag of peanuts.
  • City Gate, reportedly one of the prettiest in Thailand
  • Wat Thammikaram - excellent views of the bay and city, with wild monkeys crawling all over the place.

This is a little to the left of the road as you come into the city from the main road. There are some 400 steps to the top, but the view is 360 degrees, and totally worth the climb! Beware of the monkeys though, some are quite aggressive!

  • Ao Prachuap.

Is a beautiful bay just north of the city, just a B80 tuk tuk ride to get there. It is just beyond the Wat Thammikaram about 1Km distant, and the beach is several Km in length.

There are several budget and mid range hotels along the strip, which is pretty quiet and unspoiled by too many tourists. There are also good and reasonably priced restaurants.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • You can rent sea kayaks at the vet near the waterfront. Don't hesitate to ring as she is not always in the front of the store.
  • Climb Khao Lommuak mountain at Ao Manao if you are feeling fit and adventurous. Take the steps up from the spectacled langur monkey area. About half way up the steps stop and you get ropes attached to posts leading the rest of the way up. The ropes are strong and secure but some parts are quite challenging and almost vertical, and it becomes much more of a climb than a walk for most of the roped section. It would be easy to get into difficulty if you've never climbed before, especially coming back down, although there are plenty of hand and foot holds. There is a small pagoda at the top and views over the surrounding bays are stunning. You will need at least some decent grippy shoes, plenty of water and some snacks to keep you going.

Buy[edit][add listing]

There is a little breakfast joint/ice cream parlour near the night market where you can buy organic coconut-shaped soaps, massage oils, and body scrubs. Great quality for a more than reasonable price. They make great gifts when coming home.

Friday and Saturday evening there is a nice market along the sea front to the north of the pier selling clothes, bags and souvenirs.

Eat[edit][add listing]


  • The night market on Kong Kiat Rd is open every night and offers a variety of meals for around 25-30 baht.
  • Delicious breakfast can be found at the morning market, which starts by the post office (behind Hadthong Hotel) and stretches back a block from there away from the sea front. Highlights include fresh pineapple with chilli salt, tiny coconut treats wrapped in banana leaves, and freshly fried fish.
  • There are a few restaurants along the shoreline. The first one, in the vicinity of the Suksant Hotel offers great crab with curry for 100 baht. The next one over has great green pepper hot plate crab.
  • On Sala Cheep Rd there's a lunch room called Krua Chaiwat which serves Western and Thai food (closes early).
  • On Koalak Rd near Soi 5 you can get a nice, affordable pad Thai.
  • The best curry however, can be found north of Monkey Mountain in a British-owned pub/restaurant called Ann's.
  • La Vite, at 342 Sala Cheep Rd (near Wing 5) serves authentic and delicious Italian food. Expect to pay about 300B a person, but soooo good! +66 874545943. Open to 10pm.

Drink[edit][add listing]

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • Khum Chao Lai Hotel, clean and friendly hotel. Staff doesn't speak a lot of English, but it's sufficient. On the Prachuap Khiri Khan Rd (the one which leads from the northwest almost directly to the Wat Thammikaram) where some mini buses from Bangkok will arrive.

From the train station take first the Kong Kiat Rd (direction to the beach, turn left at the Phitak Chat Rd and when you reach Thanon Prachuap Khiri Khan you turn left again and you'll reach the hotel after 200 m. Total distance about 15-20 minutes. Prices for a double with fan from 250 baht (private bathroom). During the week ask for a discount!

  • Maggie's Homestay [4] at 5 Soi Tampramuk 4, tel: +66 32 604 216 mobile: +66 87 597 9720 E-mail: [5] Maggie's is a lovely traditional Thai family house, set in a shady garden. The quiet Tampramuk St runs in from the beach road between the Suksant and Had Tong Hotels and the house is about 100 m from the sea, and about 400 m from the train station. Large lounging areas in the garden and inside, cable TV, free use of kitchen, dining areas. Clean bathrooms. Free Internet use and Wi-Fi in every room and in the garden. Laundry service, scooter and bicycle hire. Rates vary depending on bedroom size, 150 baht for a single bedroom up to 500 baht for the largest family room. Clean, cozy, quiet, and friendly.
  • Yuttichai Hotel, clean, friendly family-style hotel on Kong Kiat Rd, which is the street leading from the train station in the direction of the town pier. Free Wi-Fi, Laundry and scooter rental available from the hotel. Single room for 150 baht with shared bathrooms; double rooms with shared bathrooms from 230 baht. 250-300 baht for single rooms with bath. More for en suite rooms.
  • Ban Thai Haat is on the strip along Ao Prachuap (Prachuap Bay). The hotel is close to some good restaurants, and faces the beach just across the road. The beds are hard and the aircon is surprisingly cold. 400B.
  • Hotel Ountawan, โรงแรมอ่นตะวัน- It is in the road parallel to the beach next towards the beach from the minibus stop. As you leave the minibus stop, walk south towards the red traffic light about 500 metres along, turn left, then right and the hotel is about 200 metres along. It's modern and clean,but does not have a restaurant, only coffee. Walkin price is B550, and is aircon, TV, hot water etc. Very good views from the top floor.


  • Hadthong Hotel, still Prachuap's only true full-service hotel option, the Hadthong has seen better days, but offers reasonably spacious rooms with views of the bay on the water side. It is very centrally located only a stones throw to the pier in the middle of the bay. Rates vary slightly, but are around 950-1,050 baht with a good buffet breakfast included.
  • Prachuap Beach Hotel, 123 Susuek Rd. 032601288. Email

It is a nice place at the south of the bay, south of the centre of town. Rooms are nicely appointed, modern and comfortable. Rates (as of Dec 2013) are B800 for sea view room (B900 on weekend and holiday), and B700 for mountain view room (B800 as above. Family rooms also available at B1300. From the minibus stop is B30 per person in a tuktuk. The hotel will organise one back to the minibus stop for you when you leave. The view from the seaview rooms either side on the upper floors is phenomenal! There is free coffee and tea in the lobby, and a free English and Thai language newspapers daily also. Breakfast is available in the back of the lobby towards the beach at about B100. American breakfast if you want that, toast also, and for those who like Thai food, they have Khao Tom (boiled rice soup!) English is spoken by most of the staff. Well worth it at the price.

  • Golden Beach Hotel. Is situated about midrange along the beach in Prachuap Bay (north of the town and a B80 tuk tuk ride to get there from the bus stop out of town). The hotel faces the beach, but regrettably all the old rooms are at the front, and these rooms are pretty worn. The rooms in the new part of the hotel are really good - very modern and spacious, with a good view of the river behind the hotel. There is a lift to all floors.

There are plenty of good restaurants nearby. Staff at reception are friendly,and speak some English. Breakfast (American) is included in the price at March 2013, which is B1000.


There is a regular Internet cafe down Salacheep Rd near the school.

Get out[edit]

There is a train station and a bus station within walking distance of each other.

The minibus stop towards the end of the main street is the main way to get out. There are three separate lots of minibuses, one on each of three corners of the minibus intersection. Just say where you want to go to, and you will be directed. Minibuses to Chumphon (B180) and Hua Hin (B80), also to places beyond Hua Hin, so if you want to get off in this city, you need some idea where you want to be dropped off. There is another minibus just to the south of the above, at the next intersection. These minibuses go directly to BKK without going through Hua Hin and are very much faster than the ones which do go through there. They stop at both the Victory Monument, and Mo Chit Bus Station. There are also blue coloured buses to BKK which travel along this road on the way there.

Routes through Prachuap Khiri Khan
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BangkokHua Hin  N noframe S  Ban KrutSadao

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