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See Sado Island for the village of Ogi in Niigata.

Ogi (小城) is a city in Saga Prefecture, Japan.



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  • Kiyomizu Falls. A temple area with a stunning waterfall. It is not to be confused with Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto. Ogi has one other Kiyomizu Temple just 3 kilometers away from the falls, so, be careful to set them apart.  edit




  • Youkan (羊羹). A sweet bean paste made out of red or white beans.  edit
  • Marubouro (丸ぼうろ). A soft, cake-like cookie.  edit
  • Strawberries. Saga Prefecture is where many of Japan's best strawberries come from. You can buy them from farmer's stands in Ogi.  edit
  • Raw Carp. The other dish, besides youkan, for which Ogi is known in particular. Strawberries and Maruboro should be tried in Ogi, but because they are from Saga prefecture as a whole, and not just Ogi.  edit
  • Daikichi (大吉). A local, family-owned yakitori restaurant and bar. Extremely friendly staff livens up the everyday experience of barbecued meat on skewers.  edit


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Routes through Ogi
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