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Miraflores is a suburb or barrio of Lima the capital city of Peru. Miraflores is known as Ciudad Heroica or the Heroic City. There are many parks, gardens, high rise apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants and shops. Situated on the coast, Miraflores is considered to be one of the finest districts of Lima and is very popular with tourists.


Get in[edit]

To get to Miraflores from the airport or bus terminal or wherever it is that you arrived in Lima is as simple as taking a taxi or bus, but be aware of bad taxi drivers, a good advice is to book your taxi ride in advance so a taxi driver will wait for you upon your arrival, there is a reputable online taxi reservation company[1]is free and reliable, you can identify the driver online before your arrival to Lima. A taxi from the airport should cost a maximum of S/.60.00, S/.30.00 if you're good at bargaining. A taxi from the Javier Prado Cruz del Sur bus terminal should set you back between S/.5.00 and S/.10.00.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Iglesia Matriz (Virgen Milagrosa), (Parque Central), +51 1 444 2212.  edit
  • La Tarumba, Leoncio Prado 225, Miraflores, +51 1 446 4660, [2]. Circus group with headquarters in Miraflores but they do shows all over Lima, check their website for details.  edit
  • Luis Miro Quesada Garland Hall (Galeria de la Municipalidad de Miraflores (Miraflores Municipal Gallery)), Municipality building, corner of calle Virgen Milagrosa and avenida Larco, opposite Parque Central (12º 07' 19 S 77º 01' 45 W). One of the most popular art galleries in Lima. The exhibition rooms are spacious, and the exhibitions themselves are generally very good. Work on show is mainly by local artists, with the occasional foreign contribution. Artists who display their work here usually go on to acquire a good reputation in the national art scene. Calle Virgen Milagrosa, also known as Paseo de los Pintores, often has art on display and for sale in the street. (-12.1219,-77.0292) edit
  • Palacio Municipal, Av. Larco 400, +51 1 617 7272.  edit
  • Parque John. F. Kennedy.  editThis park is located in the heart of the Miraflores district. To it's northwest you will find the artisan markets and to it's southeast the "Calle de los pizzas". It is also bordered by various hostels, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, a Cathedral and more. It often hosts public exhibitions on the weekends ranging from artesan crafts to paintings and live performances. Perhaps one of the most curious features of the park is it's large population of cats. Legend holds that the cats were introduced to help fight off rats. Whether true or not everywhere you look in the park you will see them. The cats are well cared for by volunteers and are generally friendly. The volunteers provide food and medical care.
  • Parque del Amor, Lima. Malecón Cisneros, cuadra 8, Lima 18.  edit"The Park of Love" is a small park that is located near the Larcomar shopping mall and offers similar beautiful views of the ocean but in a more tranquil and romantic setting. It features sculpted walls with murals and mosaics with romantic poetry. In the middle is an elevated large sculpture of a man and a women in romantic embrace. Stylistically it looks a bit like a smaller version of Barcelona's Parque Güell. While popular with couples it's generally a nice stop for anyone passing through the area. Keep in mind that later in the evening it can be overrun with young people playing tonsil hockey so families might prefer a daytime visit.
  • Pucllana (Museo de Sitio Huaca Pucllana, El Parque Histórico Cultural Pucllana, Huaca Pucllana o Juliana), General Borgoño cuadra 8, Miraflores (12º 06' 39 S 77º 02' 01 W), [3]. 9:00am to 4:00pm everyday except Tuesdays. Huaca Pucllana dates back from 200 to 700 AD. Made from small handmade, sun-dried brick, this huge construction is 22 meters high. It is divided into two areas, for ceremonial and administrative ends. Guided tours include a visit through the museum, the small park with native flora and fauna and the craftsmen's house where handicrafts are on exhibit and for sale. There is also a restaurant on the site itself which although expensive offers stunning views of the complex, particularly at night, when it's floodlit. (-12.1108,-77.0336) edit

Cultural centers[edit]

  • Centro Cultural Casa Abierta, Av. Petit Thouars 5390, Miraflores.  edit
  • Centro Cultural de la Universidad Cayetano Heredia, Av. Armendáriz 445, Miraflores, +51 1 446 2684.  edit
  • Centro Cultural de la Municipalidad de Miraflores, Corner of Larco and Diez Canseco, Miraflores, +51 1 444 0540.  edit
  • Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma, Av. Larco 770, Miraflores, +51 1 446 3959.  edit


  • Casa Museo Ricardo Palma, General Suárez 189 (cuadra 2 de la Av. Ricardo Palma), +51 1 617 7114.  edit
  • Museo Amano, Retiro 160 Alt. cuadra 11 de la Av. Angamos Oeste, +51 1 441 2909.  edit
  • Museo Enrico Poli, Calle Lord Cochrane 466, +51 1 422 2437 / 440 7100.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

Many shopping malls have cinemas, bars, bowling even nightclubs, see the subsection Shop, in the section Buy

Paragliding and Hang gliding:

Most flights are done from the cliffs at Miraflores, next to Parque del Amor.

  • Fly Adventure, Calle Alfredo León 234, Oficina 202, Miraflores, (511) 6508147, [4]. 10am to 10pm daily. Tandem flights for a duration of about 10 minutes. There are also courses available and locations other than Miraflores.  edit
  • AeroXtreme, Tripoli 345 Dpto 503. Miraflores., (511) 242-5125, [5]. Tandem flights over Miraflores, one day courses at Lurín.  edit
  • PeryFly, 511 993086795, [6]. Paragliding and Hang gliding.  edit
  • Infinity Paragliding School, 511 993086795, [7]. Paragliding and Hang gliding.  edit
  • Parapente Paragliding Peru, 511 993086795, [8]. Paragliding and Hang gliding.  edit


  • Skate Park, Av. La Marina block 4, Miraflores (el Malecón de la Marina, Miraflores), [9]. A few pipes, a bowl and some other stuff.  edit
  • BMX / Mountain Bike Track, Av. La Marina block 4, Miraflores (el Malecón de la Marina, Miraflores), [10]. A dirt track with jumps.  edit
  • Escuela Etnia Peru, Larco 812, Oficina 102 - Miraflores (, 00511 2436756, [11]. Surf school and shop located in Miraflores. Friendly staff, pickup and drop off from Hostel/Hotel available! Surf trips in Barranquito and Makaja beaches in Miraflores, also, full day trips to the south of Lima to San Bartolo, Puerto Viejo or Punta Hermosa beaches with optional stop off to the Incan Ruins of Pachacamac. Wetsuits, board and all the gear you'll need is provided! Great fun!  edit
  • Stand Up Paddle Surf Peru, Miraflores (Lima), 994088564, [12]. 2.5. Stand Up paddle School Stand up paddle lessons $35.  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • There are a number of markets for buying Peruvian handicrafts, souvenirs, and jewelry along Av. Petit Thouars in Miraflores, a short walk from Parque Kennedy. The biggest - and arguably best - of these is Mercado Indio, a huge expanse of small tiendas selling everything Peruvian - sweaters, blankets, etc.
  • Antiques in Av. La Paz. There area a lot of small stores where you can explore the antiques.
  • Original paintings in Central Park of Miraflores


  • Larcomar, [13]. It's like a mall, where you can eat, shop, go to the cinema, it even has two nice discotecs. The discotecs are open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and in summer (January and February) also Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Larcomar's principal attraction is its location. It is in Miraflores, in a high hill where you can see the beach while eating or just walking. Best to visit during the sunset.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Alfresco, Malecon Balta 790, Miraflores. serving "Lima's best cerviche" for around 30 soles. A delightful, upmarket restaurant.  edit
  • Astrid&Gaston, Calle Cantuarias 175, Miraflores, +51 1 444 1496, +51 1 242 5387. Restaurant of the famous Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio. Dishes look spectacular and taste as good as they look.  edit
  • Costanera 700, Av. El Ejército 421 Miraflores. owner chef Sato. It's a bit expensive, but its worth it. One of the best restaurants in Lima whose chef was once the personal chef to Fujimori (former Peruvian President). Close to the beach and excellent, execellent food; not too expensive either. Pass on the Pulpo a la oliva (unless you like your squid in black olive sauce). Try the famous Tiradito Costanera (raw fish slides in lemon juice) or Chita a la Pimienta (fish on pepper).  edit
  • Danica, Av. Cavenecia, Miraflores, (near Ovalo Gutierrez). serves excellent Peruvian and Italian dishes (seafood, steak, and vegetarian). Upscale, intimate atmosphere and attentive service.  edit
  • EDO sushi bar. Best sushi in town, located in Miraflores, San Borja and San Isidro.  edit
  • GianFranco Caffe, Angamos Oeste 598, Miraflores (corner of Elias Aguirre), +51 1 4465150. Cafe with delicious ice-cream and excellent Italian pizza. A great meeting place for Italian citizens.  edit
  • La Gloria, Jr. Atahualpa 201 Miraflores. It's a classic  edit
  • La Rosa Nautica, Espigón de Playas, Lima. is built over the ocean beneath Larcomar and is arguably one of the best restaurants in Lima. Although quite expensive, the ambience and cuisine are superb. The entree "La Rosa Nautica Style" comes highly recommended.  edit
  • Las Brujas de Cachiche, Calle Bolognesi 472, Miraflores. Very good traditional Peruvian dishes.  edit
  • Las Orquidas, Jr. Manuel Bonilla 138, Miraflores. Vegetarian restaurant  edit
  • La Lucha Sangucheria, Av. Benavides 308, Miraflores, +51 1 241 5953. open until 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday. A well established sandwich place with good juice.  edit
  • La Cocina de Dario, Av. Petit Thours 5390, Miraflores. gives you a taste of the Peruvian and Japanese food fusion, with a variety of fresh seafood.  edit
  • La Trattoria de Mambrino, Manuel Bonilla 106, Miraflores. Considered one of the very best Italian restaurants in the world.  edit
  • Sí Señor, Jr. Bolognesi 706 Miraflores. is probably the closest you will find to Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurants of the US in Lima. The menu features Tex-Mex comfort foods such as tortillas that can be otherwise hard to come by in Lima. It also has a good selection of tequilas, margaritas and Mexican beers. Tequeños are an interesting local appetizer that marry Peruvian and Mexican culinary traditions.  edit
  • Te Burbuja, Pasaje Los Pinos 118, Miraflores. is a small Taiwanese joint close to Parque Kenedy, with nice fruit salads, all sorts of bubble tea, fruit juices and shakes.  edit
  • Rafael, Calle San Martín 300 Miraflores. try the Lomo Saltado  edit
  • Saqra (Little Devil), Av. La Paz 646 (In the passage El Suche, Miraflores), +51 1 6508884, [14]. Open until 1:00am. Modern Peruvian food with an element of surprise. Additionally, the restaurant has "an everything for sale" policy, guests can buy the seats, lamps, cushions, glasses, paintings and sculptures or whatever they like. Approx S/.40.00 pp.  edit
  • Segundo Muelle, Av. Conquistadores 489, San Isidro. Lima, Perú, (511) 717-9999, [15]. A very well run new Peruvian cuisine restaurant. Traditional peruvian food is fused with the many influences in Peru and the world. You'll find Japanese, Thai, European and other tastes all brought together with the famous domestic ingredients (aji amarillo and panca, many varieties of potato, many types of fish and seafood) to make a really special and enjoyable feast. Ceviches, causas, tiraditos.Classes are offered and catering is available. Everything is really first rate.  edit
  • Il Cappuccino, Calle Manuel Bonilla 103 Miraflores, 0051 2412762, [16]. Coffe shop where you can olso have special price Lunch, you can eat special cakes and Italian cakes like Tiramisú. There are more than 30 different kind of beer from England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, USA, Perú, including craft beer and English cider for Celiacs too. This coffee shop is in the heart of the neighborhood of Miraflores, just few meters from Kennedy park. 7$ - 20$.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • For a bit of fun in Miraflores, try the small street between Parque Kennedy and Bellavista, locally known as the "calle de las pizzas" (Pizza Street). It is a big tourist trap, but on the other hand you are guaranteed to meet other travelers in high spirit.
  • At the end of Av. Larco you can find the LarcoMar amusement area, with spectacular views of the beaches, about 40 meters below it, and the Pacific Ocean, and the usual western style shopping mall shops and fast food chains.
  • Crypto, heavy metal and hard rock pub on the first side-street of Calle de las Pizzas. Unmarked entrance, just a black door. They sell pitchers of rum & coke for about $5. Excellent atmosphere if you're in the scene, but a bit intimidating for tourists who just wander in.
  • Café de la Paz [17] is another excellent choice, right in front of the Kennedy Park. Peruvian-french food, very trendy and a bohemian atmosphere. Excellent Pisco Sour.
  • Nebula, Gonzalez Prada 194 (between cuadra 50 and 51 of Av. Arequipa), Miraflores, is a disco with music from the darker part of the eighties, quite close to Plaza Kennedy.
  • For jazz music, Miraflores holds a couple of good options: Jazz Zone, Avenida La Paz 656, and Satchmo.
  • And for all the coffee-addicts, there are a number of good options. Try Il Cappucino, a new cafe in Miraflores. Manuel Bonilla 103, close to Parque Kennedy. Also close to the Parque are Café Z, about a block down Bajada Balta; and La Máquina, on the corner of Diez Canseco and Alcanfores, also about a block from the Parque. Excellent coffee is also to be found a few blocks farther away at Arabica Espresso Bar on Calle Recavarren.
  • Media Naranja Brasileiro. This small and cute Brazilian style bar is located on the south end of Parque Kennedy. It is extremely popular for what young Peruvians call "previos" (essentially pre-gaming before heading to a club or bigger bar) and can get crowded quickly. Excellent caipirinhas with both indoor and outdoor seating. A good place for groups.  edit
  • Café Bar Habana. Small and hip Cuban bar not far off of Parque Kennedy. It has a distinct artsy/revolutionary vibe. Excellent selection of rum and good mojitos. It is frequented by Cubans and non-Cubans alike. Definitely a more quiet and mature option in comparison with the other nightlife options in the area.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Apartments for tourists. Vacation rentals direct from the owner in the best areas of Miraflores. WIFI, Cable TV, phone [18] from US$240 to US$420 week.
  • Cirque Hostel, Av. Generál Córdova, Miraflores, +511 221 7966, [19]. checkin: 12:30; checkout: 12:00. Cirque is a small but cozy 6-room hostel. Free breakfast and wifi, kitchen, three common areas (TV-room, terrace, and garden), bar, airport pick-up, 24-hour hot showers and reception, as well as safety lockers and bikes for rent. The hostel is a few blocks away from the beach, local food markets and Huaca Pucllana ruins. It is also the only hostel in Lima officially providing a camping site. You can pitch your tent in the garden for 5 soles, facilities use will cost you extra 5 soles if required. Dorms US$10/person, private suites US$26-30/room.  edit
  • Pariwana Backpacker Hostel [20] +511 242-4350 Hostel in front of the main Miraflores park, with an great view. 24 hours reception, bilingual staff, full guest kitchen, comfortable common areas, free breakfast, TV room, free internet and WIFI, security lockers with built-in electronic outlets, surfboard and bike rentals.
  • Blue House Backpacker Hostel [21] +5114450476 Open 24 hours a day, this cozy little hostel is a lot like a guesthouse, providing personalized service and is just a short walk from the great nightlife of Lima. Fully equipped kitchen, comfortable rooms, and great service.
  • Pirwa Hostel [22] +5184244315 Good location in Miraflores. Comfortable beds, free breakfast, and a nice relaxing garden.
  • Wasihpy Hostel [23] +5114443059 A cozy and welcoming hostel only a few minutes walk to the heart of Miraflores. Open 24 hours, comfortable common areas, free WiFi and internet, plasma TVs with DVD player, fully equipped kitchen, comfortable rooms, outdoor patios and friendly staff.
  • 151 Backpackers Hostel B&B [24], Calle Colon 151. Fully renovated 88 year old house. Private rooms, mixed dorms, outdoor patio with grill, full kitchen for your use, internet, TV and comfortable couches and living room area.
  • Stop & Drop Lima Backpacker Hotel & Guesthouse, [25]. This hotel is very safe, reception is open 24 hours a day (personal lockers in each room) with a friendly and familiar guest service, good tourist information, in a quiet, relaxed and fun atmosphere. It is in front of park Kennedy, near bus stops, offers very comfortable beds, there’s an all-day security service and room and bathroom cleaning service (hot showers 24 hours).
  • Red Psycho Llama Backpackers Hostel[26]. At Red Psycho Llama they follow sustainable practices throughout the hotel.
  • Casa del Mochilero, Chacaltana 130a, 2nd floor, phone 444-9089. This place is more like a flat than a hostel, so it has a much more at-home and chilled atmosphere, with less than 20 beds. Was the original copied by "Mochilero Inn" next door, even down to the flags outside. Dorms from 15 Soles, one private room with two beds. Kitchen, cable TV, internet 2 soles/hour.
  • Mochilero Inn, Chacaltana 136. Friendly hostel with dorms from 20 soles. Kitchen, TV use. Cleaner than the hostel next door. Convenient stop in front of the hostel.
  • Apart Hotel Service Miraflores, [27][28] Fully furnished and equipped apartments for rent in Miraflores,very affordable, practical and convenient choice.
  • Albergue Miraflores HouseAv. Comandante Espinar Nº 611 (in Miraflores between Avenue Angamos and the Avenue Comandante Espinar), (511) 447 7748, [29]. Popular hostel that gets rave reviews for good security. Offers airport pickup for a fee. Dorms from 35 sol per person, doubles from 77 sol. Breakfast and internet included.
  • Flying Dog Hostel, [30], Spacious rooms, TV lounge with DVD selection, internet, kitchen to use, friendly English-speaking Peruvian employees. Excellent doubles with private bathroom.
  • LOKI Backpackers Hostel,[31]. Av. Jose Galvez 576. Local: 01-6512966; Intern: 0051-1-6512966. Loki Lima established in May 2006, was the second Loki to hit Peru after the famous first one in Cusco. Is it in the heart of Miraflores, between the buzz of Parque Kennedy and the beautiful cliff top parks of the coast. This residence is decorated with a modern Loki twist around a laid back, fun atmosphere.
  • Kokopelli Backpackers Hostel,[32] . Calle berlin 259 0051-1-651-2886 . Kokopeli is founded and run by 4 guys from Holland and Peru. Great bar on the roof, and a nice hangout area downstairs. Close to most things in Miraflores, and not a far walk to the sea. Multilingual, friendly staff. Big storage lockers, and clean rooms. Great breakfast provided at a cafe around the corner. Hot showers.

  • Ekeko Hostel, Garcia Calderon 274, Miraflores, Lima, Peru (very near the Huaca Pucllana ruins). checkin: 11; checkout: 11. about a 10 minute walk from the center of Miraflores; located on a residential street near a large supermarket. Staff is friendly (and loves to practice other languages with you, so be patient). Ladies Dorm has a suite bathroom for same price as mixed dorm without a bath. Breakfast is included: fresh local bread, jam, butter, coffee, tea (everything unlimited). Very large kitchen and pretty well stocked. Flexible checkin hours if you arrive on a night bus at 5am :) 20 to 26 soles.  edit


  • HQ Villa, [33] Av Independencia 1288, plenty of amenities and distinctive common areas.
  • Miraflores Penthouse [[34]] Malecon Balta 810. 3 bedroom,3 bathroom with 700sq rooftop terrace. Sleeps six. $175
  • Bellavista de Miraflores, Jr. Bellavista 215, Phone: (51-1) 445-7834, Email: Nice mid price place in central Miraflores.


  • Thunderbird Hotel Suites & Casino, Av. Alcanfores 475 (on the corner of Av. Alcanfores and Miraflores Avenue), 511-616-3131, [35]. checkin: 4PM; checkout: 11AM. Adjacent you will find Fiesta Casino Benavides, a quality establishment with 3 floors of gaming space and nightly live entertainment. $170.  edit


  • iperu (Centro Turístico y de Entretenimiento Larcomar Miraflores), Módulo 10, Plaza Principal, (01) 445 9400 or (24 Hours) (01) 574 8000 (), [37]. Monday to Sunday 11:00am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 8:00pm.  edit

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