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Campobasso is the capital of Molise region.


The city was founded before the 8th century as a garrison town. It is famous for its craftsmanship in producing steel blades, and has a population of around 52,000. The name Campobasso means, literally, "Lowfield." But don't be fooled by the name, as the city is in the mountains with an elevation of 868 meters, and can actually be quite cold in the winter. In Campobasso there is a high rate of eastern Europeans: Albanians, Croats, Romanians, etc., forming their own language; the Molisan Croatian and Arbereshe.

Get in[edit]

Regular train service connects this Italian regional capital with the slightly-better-known national capital, Rome.

Get around[edit]


Campobasso has many nice places to see and visit, castles, churches, ancient palazzis, etc. In fact, it is the unknown side of Italy, out of the hordes of tourists hunting Italy's secrets.

  • Nuovo Museo Privinciale Sannitico; this museum gives a wide range of the first population in Molise, the Sanniti
  • Palazzo Pistilli; a museum of modern art
  • Palazzo Magno; a museum showing the history of the Army and of other curious things
  • Il museo civico di Baranello; a small museum that explains the traditions and arts of Molise
  • Castello di Capua a Gambatesa; a lovely palazzo that goes through medieval times with beautiful rooms
  • Il Museo di Arte sacra della Diocesi del Trivento; a museum that tells the history of the church in Molise, a must for lovers of History of rural Italy
  • Il Castello di Monforte; a must too if you're seeing Campobasso, a place to see and learn Medieval Molise
  • The borgo of Campobasso, a different place from Rome or Milan, small alleys and tall squeezed houses with little churches blending in the streets

There are lots of churches around the old borgo, it is half the fun to get lost there;

  • Cattedrale della SS. trinita
  • Chiesa di Sant'Antoinio Abate a Campobasso



Gioelleria Sprovieri Danillo Rolex [1]


Trattoria la Grotta [2] Trattoria da nonno Cecchino [3] Osteria Ventotto [4] Ristorante miseria e nobilta [5] Ristorante il cavalluccio marino [6]



Get out[edit]


Campobasso's weather can be extreme, in July the Max. is 38 degrees, and in January it's -9 degrees. So be prepared for whatever month you'll visit Campobasso!



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