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Hi, my site lignanos\.com is in black spam list. I think that's incorrect because I've only tried to add it in Lignano Sabbiadoro page, on ACCOMMODATION. Now I've add it on white list.


Your website is on the black list for a reason. Wikitravel's rules clearly state that only specific Hotels, Apartments, etc. should be listed in our articles. Links to general accomodation websites or agents are not allowed. --Albion 17:34, 13. Feb. 2011 (CET)

Ok, but my site isn't a "Links to general accomodation websites or agents". I'm not an agent, and the site is not a "general accomodation". There are only my apartments and specificaly in Lignano. If i can't re-add my link to Lignano's page ok, I will don't re-add. But is possibile just delete the link from black list?



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